Where Are Kohler Toilets Made?

Kohler is one of the popular toilet brands in America, serving US customers for over 140 years by maintaining the brand identity.

Where Are Kohler Toilets Made? Kohler toilets are made in USA, China, and Mexico as their factories are operated globally to facilitate global customers with their premium quality products having unique designs. It provides high-end, durable, and premium-quality products.

You can find unique toilets with minimalistic designs at Kohler and other fixtures and plumbing products.

Where are Kohler toilets manufactured?

Kohler is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom products and introduces a wide range of toilets, faucets, and other fixtures. This company was founded by John Kohler in 1873.

It has many factories worldwide to produce almost a million sanitary and plumbing products by using a larger percentage of recycled material.

In addition, it manufactures toilets in the US factories, as they have around 10 to 12 factories in North America. Its headquarters is in the village of Kohler in Wisconsin, United States.

This village is named after the installation of Kohler’s plant in 1900, where a large number of plumbing or sanitary products were constructed to facilitate the US customers.

Additionally, one factory is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and the other is in Brownsville, Texas, that are also involved in producing quality products.

One of their factories is located in Mexico within Monterey, and many in China control a line of toilets to provide fine-quality products to overseas customers.

Moreover, many factories are located in China, and one of the biggest factories is present in Foshan, which occupies around 60,000 square feet area, which produces ceramic parts.

It has become a global preference due to innovative or unique designs and the use of improved technology, and the products are exported worldwide.

Furthermore, it has got recognition and reliability for US-made toilets because people trust local manufacturers as they are of premium quality.

Who manufactures Kohler toilets?

Kohler toilets are manufactured within their factories located in different countries as they do not purchase product lines from other manufacturers.

John Kohler started his first factory in 1873 by purchasing a Union Iron and Steel Foundry for almost $4500 to $5000. His friend Charles Silberzahn was a partner in the company.

It took a lot of time to gain recognition in the marketing industry and become known as a reliable brand in 1883 through significant breakthroughs.

It introduced an iconic bathtub and other plumbing products. He extended the company by introducing a new factory in Riverside which was later on managed by his sons when he died at the age of 56 in 1900.

So, their products are entirely produced in their own plants equipped with better facilities to manage a broad line of products.

Do Kohler toilets have good quality?

Kohler provides premium quality products with incredible features not found in other toilets, making them superior.

They are high in quality and highly durable. It is a high-end brand for toilets that can provide you with environment-friendly products.

They are long-lasting and designed beautifully to complement the bathroom environment.

You can consider Numi, Eir, Innate, and Veil, which are pretty amazing products from this brand due to their versatile designs, automatic control, and other bold features.

Their unique features include aqua-piston flushing and WaterSense certification. This certification indicates that these products consume lesser water and have dual-flush technology.

Moreover, it consumes almost 20 to 22% lesser water for flushing than the standard toilets using 1.6 gallons for one flush. Water-saving features include automatic defrosting and weatherproofing.

The aqua-piston flushing allows water to reach the bowl at 360 degrees having a powerful jet mechanism without making a loud noise.

In addition, you can fit these in large or small bathrooms, and are easy to clean due to Continuous Clean technology.

You can enjoy a touch-free mechanism for opening and closing the lid and heated seats. In addition, these products feature minimalist designs and balanced curves, making them look appealing.

Furthermore, these items have a comfortable height to suit all people as you can easily fit in any size. They use art and technology to provide fine variations in the products.

How long do Kohler toilets last?

These toilets are highly durable and long-lasting as they do not get cracks and scratches for a long time if properly maintained.

Ideally, a toilet lasts for almost 30 to 50 years if it is made of good quality material. They can also retain their properties and functions for around 20 to 45 years.

It means they are highly durable and ideal products to install in the bathrooms and use for many years with ease and comfort.

However, poor maintenance can affect their functioning, but you do not have to worry as these items need less maintenance due to the self-cleaning system.

You do not have to frequently scrub the surface and disinfect the bowl, as it has a self-cleaning and UV-based disinfection system that keeps killing the germs after every flush.

Furthermore, it provides heavy-duty toilets and balances quality, appearance, and durability.

There is no need to replace it for several years if you are not using it frequently, as excessive usage can decrease product durability.

Does Kohler manufacture expensive toilets?

You have to spend a little bit higher to get Kohler toilets because it manufactures premium products without compromising the quality and looks of the products.

It can cost you more than conventional toilets, but these are worth it as the manufacturer incorporates high-end features in the product line.

Every product justifies its cost in comfort, beauty, sleek design, and ease of use. You can choose a 1-piece or 2-piece product from a wide range of toilets that suits your needs.

Moreover, you can get a Kohler Highline Comfort toilet for around $300 to $350, a 2-piece product with an elongated bowl.

The Veil toilet can cost almost $860 to $900 having dual flush, skirted trapway, and a skirted toilet.

In addition, some cheaper options include Wellworth and Horrow having 1.28gpf that costs around $120 and $290. A Memoirs Stately Comfort has 2 pieces, costing $550 to $600.

Furthermore, one of their expensive items includes Karing Skirted one-piece unit and Veil comforted height that can cost you almost $3200 and $4500.

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