Where Are American Standard Toilets Made?

American Standard is one of the reputable brands in North America, providing high-quality bathroom products at reasonable costs.

Where Are American Standard Toilets Made? American Standard toilets are primarily manufactured in different regions of China, like Shanghai, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, but some products are also manufactured in Mexico and sourced by LIXIL Corporation. As a result, they have superior quality, better performance, timeless designs, and affordable costs.

Its products are not locally-sourced and are manufactured out of the US, as its parent company usually purchases products from other countries.

Where are American Standard Toilets manufactured?

American Standard Brand manufactures kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, including faucets, bathtubs, showers, and toilets for residential and commercial places.

This family-owned company has been producing bathroom products since 1876 for customers in America who cannot afford to buy expensive products.

It was formerly known as Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company but was renamed American Standard when it merged with other producers in 1899.

It sells products under different names like Fiat, Crane, Showerite, Eljer, etc., with attractive designs, fine quality, and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, this North American brand is based in Piscataway, United States, and facilitates American customers with sinks, faucets, tubs, etc., primarily manufactured in Mexico.

Their headquarter is located in Connecticut and deals with product designing and generating innovative designs that can help improve comfort and ease of use.

However, their manufacturing sites are not constant, so it is challenging to find accurate data about the source country of the products as they keep changing factories from time to time.

They had factories in Canada that were not currently operational and got closed before 2016. Most of their production setups are in Mexico and China and are imported to US customers.

Furthermore, it is owned by the LIXIL group, which provides a product by collecting from third parties that are manufactured in different parts of the world, including Germany, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

In addition, they do not purchase products from America and Canada, but other countries like New Zealand, Indonesia, Belgium, Costa Rica, China, and Mexico are involved in production.

Who manufactures American Standard Toilets?

This brand has been working for five decades and got recognition in the market for its plumbing fixtures that are commonly used all around the globe.

It gained popularity for producing high-quality and stylish bathroom fixtures in 1929. In 1967, it was named American Standard after merging with the American Radiator Company.

In addition, it was owned by LIXIL Corporation in 2013 for almost $340 to get control of its internal process. It has a few other subsidiaries, like TOSTEM, GROHE, and INAX.

This LIXIL Corporation is headquartered in Japan and manufactures various plumbing fixtures and other housing equipment.

Moreover, it is known as a home-transforming brand that uses world-leading technology to introduce innovative and stylish products without compromising quality.

Accordingly, the manufacturing process of toilets is entirely managed by LIXIL Corporation as it sources the products from different countries and sells them to it.

LIXIL manufactures American Standard toilets in China, as it has many production facilities in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Guangzhou.

Does American Standard make good toilets?

American Standard manufactures high-quality and durable products, including toilets and many other plumbing fixtures or sanitary ware.

They have distinctive designs to ensure comfort, as various options allow consumers to choose the right one with a comfortable height, size, and color.

Additionally, it offers one or two-piece units for convenience as you can choose the one according to the available space and desired functionality.

It provides easy-to-install, slightly heavy products with a larger base, but it does not take much time to fix it in the bathroom. They look beautiful and are highly functional.

Moreover, these have comfortable seats and require less water for flushing, with some additional features if you look at their expensive models.

These are equipped with premium amenities like soft-closing seats and are energy efficient, and these features increase overall product cost.

A Champion 4 model has an elongated bowl and a one-piece unit allowing quick and quiet flushing. It has exceptional performance due to easier cleaning, and its seat closes softly.

Furthermore, Baby Devoro has a rounded bowl with water jets allowing water to enter in a sweeping motion at 360 degrees and cleaning the bowl quickly.

They have some flaws like a larger base, clogging of pipes, and heavyweight, but ultimate performance, less water consumption, and powerful flush make them distinctive.

So, they provide high-quality products with timeless designs and comfort. It is the perfect brand to consider while looking for affordable products.

How long do American Standard Toilets last?

Most commonly, toilets last for almost 30 to 40 years on average, depending on the material used, usage frequency, and maintenance or care.

They are manufactured from Vitreous china material and should last for 10 to 17 years if you have used them correctly.

One of their durable products is the H2Option toilet, which saves water by providing a partial or full flush and helps prevent microbial growth.

It is made of vitreous China material and lasts long if maintained properly. Similarly, another one-piece unit, the Fairfield toilet, is a floor-mounted product that lasts long.

Baby Devoro has chemical-resistant flappers and an unobtrusive bowl height, allowing you to sit comfortably.

Are American Standard Toilets expensive?

These toilets are affordable, allowing low-income customers to get high-quality products at a low cost.

You can get a white colored Champion 4 for almost $190 to $250, while an Edgemere WaterSense toilet can cost you around $210 to $425.

In addition, Cadet 3 Standard toilet is a 2-piece unit that comes in a list of products with a moderate cost, as you can get it for almost $220 to $580.

Some expensive options are also available with extra amenities or features to make them easier and more comfortable to use.

You can get a 2-piece Standard Yorkville for $550 to $680, having an elongated bowl and standard height, while a standard Cadet with an elongated chair can cost around $670 to $785.

Town Square with an elongated chair costs almost $850 to $1000, which is one of the most expensive models by American Standard.

Furthermore, the overall product cost increases when you ask them for installation as they have extra installation charges that usually range between $100 and $300 on average.

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