What to Do If You Dropped AirPods in Toilet?

Some people take their AirPods with them to the bathroom to enjoy music, and it is a horrible and stressful situation if you accidentally drop them in the toilet, sink, or bathtub.

What to Do If You Dropped AirPods in Toilet? You can clean the AirPods and remove water from the device using a soft cloth, placing them in sunlight or a warm environment, and use water-ejecting apps, and fans if you have dropped these in the toilet. You can place AirPods in desiccants, use a cleaning kit or get a new pair if they do not work correctly and the sound quality drops.

AirPods are wireless earpieces, unlike hands-free for listening to music without disturbing others, and it uses Bluetooth connections with the device to play songs. They are lightweight, allow better sound quality, and are easy to use without strangling with the wires. 

What can you do if you drop the AirPods in the toilet?

There are chances that you accidentally drop your AirPods in the toilet, and you can clean them and make them work again using the following tricks and hacks. 

Clean them with a soft cloth

Take the AirPod out of the toilet wearing gloves on your hands as soon as you drop them to avoid excess water going into the screen.

You can clean it using a soft microfiber cloth after taking them out of the toilet bowl, and make sure to wipe it from all sides, especially from the inner side.

Dab them gently with a lint-free cloth to access the mesh holes, and keep them upside down for 22-24 hours in the open air to let the water come out and let the device dry properly.

Place them in sunlight or a warm environment

Another option to dry them soon is to place the AirPods in direct sunlight for one to two hours and let the heat from the sun dry them thoroughly.

You do not need to panic if they are not working correctly because moisture can present inside the small holes and need more drying.

I have placed my AirPods under the sunlight for many hours, but they are not working, and I could not hear the sound.

Then, I placed them in a warm environment, such as turning on the air heater in the room and placing them in front of the warm air to remove the remaining moisture inside the device.

After placing them in a warm environment, the sound quality improved, and they worked well.

Use water ejecting app

Different apps can remove the water from the AirPods if you have dropped them in the toilet or water and they are not working after cleaning and placing them in a warm environment.

You can use Siri shortcuts to get the water out using apps and water ejecting features on your phone. Open the setting on your phone and install the Siri shortcut app.

Connect them with the app, then open the app on the phone and select the water ejecting option. It will play a sound, and these waves help the water out of the AirPods. 

This method is helpful if the device is not submerged in the water, and you can do a test to remove moisture from it completely using this app. 

Place these in desiccant

The water-absorbing agents, such as calcium sulfate, calcium chloride, and zeolites, are known as desiccants. Placing wet AirPods in desiccants is one of the common houses remedies to dry the water.

You can take silica gel packets because they are available easily and are used for such purposes. 

I took some silica gel packets and put them in a plastic zip-lock bag with the AirPods. I let these stay in this bag for 5-6 hours and then did a test to check the sound. 

Use a fan

You can place these under a fan after removing the moisture from the outer parts and the opening to let the air dry completely.

The air from the fan or air conditioner allows the humidity and dampness in the mesh screen to dry and makes the AirPods come in their original condition if the damage is not severe.

The airflow in this place allows the water to dry soon if you want to use AirPods immediately and speed up the drying process. You can keep them in the bag for 23-24 hours if you cannot hear the sound properly because moisture can remain in the holes.

Use Airpods cleaning kit

Using a cleaning kit is one of the best ways to clean these if you have dropped them in the toilet.

The soft brushes can clean the inner side of AirPods and remove the water from them.

It also has a disinfecting gel applicator, which cleans the germs and bacteria from the device, and you can use them again without hesitation.

You can clean the water and use the disinfectant solution applicator and an adhesive putty to clean the device. However, it is better to follow the cleaning kit’s instructions to avoid damage to the device. 

Get a new pair of AirPods

You can replace the AirPods if the old device does not work after cleaning or drying the water because of damage to the inner parts and the Bluetooth connecting sensors.

The new AirPods can range from $120-$500, depending on the quality and features.

You can check for the warranty card of the damaged parts and contact the manufacturer’s company to exchange the old AirPods for a new ones.

Are AirPods waterproof?

Airpods are not waterproof if submerged in water, but modern devices can resist moisture and water splashes because of the advanced technology used in their design.

Their charging cover is neither moisture-resistant nor waterproof; therefore, avoid taking the charging case with you in the bathroom.

Excessive sweating can cause these to stop working if you wear them during a workout in the gym. In addition, they use an IPX4 rating, which means they can withstand little raindrops and water splashes but can deteriorate if sunk in water.

The instructions on the packing recommend not taking them in the shower or swimming pool, as water can get trapped in the microphone and damage the device.

Things to consider if you have dropped AirPods in the toilet

Airpods have become famous because of exceptional benefits such as listening to your favorite music anytime, answering your phone calls without holding the phone near your ear, and many more.

It is better to consider some factors if you dropped these in the toilet and want to clean them without damaging the microphones and other parts.

Never use hairdryer

The hairdryer uses an electric fan that rotates and passes air to the heating elements, and you get the hot air coming out of the dryer.

It is better to avoid using the hairdryer to dry these because the warm air can damage the sensitive microphone and the sensors.

People often opt for using the hairdryer to speed up the drying, but it can destroy the device more.

Avoid placing them in the oven

Placing them in the oven to remove the water and moisture can melt the sensitive and small parts of the AirPods and will not work again.

The microwaves inside the oven can cause the battery timing to decrease, and the intense heating waves are not safe for the device.

I placed my AirPods in the oven to remove the water after I dropped them in the toilet, but the device did not work again, and the sound quality became zero.

Do not shake them

It is better not to shake them too much after removing them from the toilet or removing the moisture because the water can get into the microphones.

The water droplets can get trapped inside the device, and it becomes difficult to dry them and make them work again.

So instead, you can keep them upside-down without shaking for a few hours and then place them in front of an air conditioner fan.

Do not place them in a rice bucket

People often place wet devices, such as phones, watches, or AirPods, in the rice bucket because the rice can suck the excess moisture from these devices.

Studies show that placing the AirPod in rice can cause small rice particles and starch to trap inside the small holes and clog them.

You cannot hear the sound properly from it because dust particles in the rice can block the sound. Moreover, using the same rice bucket for cooking is unhygienic because the AirPod dropped in the toilet contains germs.

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