The Correct Way To Hang Toilet Paper

Hanging the toilet paper correctly in the holder is essential to prevent germs, mold, and bacteria at bay and keep the place clean and organized.

According to our research, the correct way to hang toilet paper is “over” position because it is less prone to germs and bacteria. In addition, you can easily grab the toilet paper and use it from the tearing point when you hang it “over”, which is preferred by most users.

There is always a debate about the correct way for hanging toilet paper, and different sources have different opinions about hanging it in the bathroom. The main thing is conveniently grabbing it from the dispenser without spreading bacteria and germs.

What are the two ways to hang toilet paper?

The two different ways to hang the toilet paper in the dispenser are explained below. There is no regulation to choosing the specific way to hang it, as both have some advantages and disadvantages.


Seth Wheeler invented toilet paper many years ago, and the new invention has a detailed diagram about the correct way to hang it in the holder or dispenser.

Seth’s invention of a paper roll with a diagram shows that the correct way to place it is over the position. “Over” means the loose end will fold over the roll, and you can grasp the tissue from the holder.

Different research and studies revealed that it is better to hang it “over” and not “under”, but people still debate about it.


According to science, it is incorrect to hang the toilet paper roll “under”, and people should avoid placing it in this position.

“Under” means the loose end of the paper roll will fold under the roll, and you can place it in the under position inside the dispenser.

Research tells us that placing it under is not safe, as it is more prone to germs and disease-causing pathogens, but people find ways to justify that “under” is the correct technique to hang it.

What are the advantages of hanging toilet paper over the roll?

Hanging the toilet paper “over” has the following advantages.

Less prone to bacteria and germs

You can hang it over the roll because, according to research, toilet paper is less prone to bacteria and germs when you place it in an over position.

You do not need to touch the wall or the dispenser to get the tissues as the loose end is hanging over them, and you can grab it without spreading germs from your hands.

Your fingers will only touch the tissues you want to grab, and you do not have to worry about touching the holder or dispenser to get germs when changing the roll.

Convenient to grab and use

You can conveniently grab the tissue and tear it from the tearing mark compared to the under position where you cannot see the tearing point to cut the piece easily.

The toilet paper will be closer to you in over position, and you can grab it comfortably without moving from the toilet seat.

Manufacturers design the toilet paper prints to hang in the over position to see the tearing mark and avoid wasting the tissues.

Preferred by the users

The over position is more preferred by the users in America, as according to research 70 percent of the users prefer to hang the roll in this position.

Only 30 percent of wipers go for the under technique because of a few reasons, but they are risking the cleanliness of their bathroom and the tissues because of bacteria growth in the under position.

I hang the toilet paper roll in an over position in the dispenser, as it is more comfortable and logical to use it this way.

I remain confused always about the right way, but I have experienced that hanging it in this position is the more correct and germ-free way.

Why would some people hang toilet paper “Under”?

Although different sources have declared the under technique as an incorrect way to place toilet paper, some people still find it the right way to place it in the dispenser.

Looks tidier

It looks tidier when you hang the toilet paper roll in “under”, as the tissue roll with the loose end hanging “under” from the dispenser creates a neat appearance.

The place looks more organized because the tearing end will be hidden, and make the holder or dispenser look assembled with the loose end under the roll.

Fewer chances of unrolling

The chances of unrolling the tile tapper from the end reduce when you place it in the under position inside the dispenser.

You can accidentally unroll the roll when it is hanging in the over position; therefore, the under technique is preferable to avoid the tissue paper unrolling.

The role is less accessible for the kids and pets to waste it because they can tear it apart while playing in the bathroom and waste the full roll without you knowing.

Less use and economical

Since the under position makes it a little inconvenient to grab the paper, the toilet paper will be less used and thus cost more economical.

The more you use the tissues, the more frequently you need to buy a new one for this place, and it can cost more on selecting new toilet paper after a few days.

People often hang the roll under in kids’ bathrooms to prevent more waste of the tissues, as they find it fun t play with the tissue rolls.

What is the most sanitary way to hang toilet paper?

The over way is considered the most sanitary way to hang toilet paper in the bathroom because it is less susceptible to germs and bacteria. You can barely touch the walls and the dispenser to draw the tissues.

This makes it a more hygienic and sanitary way to place it inside the holder. You can get the tissues without touching the surfaces, such as the flushing handle, tissue holder, or nearby wall. 

The “under” toilet paper causes more food-poisoning bacteria to spread from this place to other places in the bathroom by touching the dirty surfaces.

E-coli bacteria are one of the most common sources to spread food-poisoning, and they can transfer to your hands and dirty places. The risk of bacteria spread is high for other users if the first user touches the walls or tissue holder with dirty hands.

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