Sloan Flushmate Problems And Their Solutions

Sloan Flushmate toilets are a pressure-assisted system that is equipped in the porcelain tanks of the toilets. These are famous because of their reliable performance in a single flush. It contains a pressure-assisted system, which is more powerful than the gravity-fed system.

Sloan Flushmate problems include system bursting, faulty air inducer, weak flush, and clogged inlet screens, faulty sensor, and water leakage.

These are designed for low water consumption with a powerful flushing system. It provides greater water efficiency by using 1.6 gallons per flush.

Problems Solutions 
Bursting of system Correct installation
Faulty air inducers Clean the duckbill valve and perform a water droplet test
Weak flush Check the water supply valve and open them fully
Faulty flush buttons Reposition the actuator and tighten the setscrews
Clogged inlet screens Remove inlet screens and clean them
Faulty Flushmate sensors Replace batteries
Water leaking Replace flush valve cartridge

Bursting of system

Sloan Flushmate toilet’s working principle is different from the conventional ones. The systems contain the plastic tank inside the porcelain tank for flushing purposes.

These plastic tanks contain water and air for powerful flushing in a single flush. The system traps air from the water supply lines to create a powerful flush.

The trapped air increase water pressure when it moves into the bowl. The Duckbill valve is located in the plastic tank assembly to withdraw air into the system.

These toilets use compressed air for powerful flushing and improving water efficiency. The major problem with this system is that it can burst when not installed correctly.

Moreover, the faulty components and their incorrect installation withdraw excessive air into the system. The chances of bursting also increase because of the use of compressed air.

Many people think that these are not safe for homes because they can burst anytime. Bursting is dangerous, and it can also break the lid of the tank and shatter the material into pieces.

It can also cause the breaking of other bathroom fixtures because of the high pressure of compressed air. You can decrease the bursting chances by installing them correctly.

Without taking any risk, I always prefer to hire licensed plumbers for their correct installation because they are experts and have enough knowledge about them.

Turn off the water supply if you hear a loud noise from them that is different from the usual flushing sound.

Faulty air inducers

Air inducer is present in the plastic tank and contains the duckbill valve assembly for their functioning. The primary function of the air inducer and duckbill valve is to draw inside the system.

Sometimes these do not draw proper air into the system, leading to weak flushing. The water pressure decreases and cannot quickly move the solid waste material into the drain system.

The air inducer quickly draws air into the system after a few seconds of flushing. The issue comes when water pressure from the main supply valve is not relieved properly.

However, I faced the issue of incomplete flushing because of the obstructed and damaged air inducers. The duckbill valve cannot function properly when debris is accumulated on its surface.

Use the old toothbrush to remove the mineral buildup from the duckbill valve and install them again in the air inducer. Turn off the water supply and flush your toilets to relieve pressure.

You can also check the air inducer functioning by putting some drops of water in the hole of the inducer cap. Water droplets move inside quickly because of air pressure after flushing.

Sometimes these remain in the hole, which depicts the obstructive and faulty air inducers.

Weak flush

Many people complain about the weak flush after a few months of installation of Sloan flushmate in their toilets. It stops functioning and cannot pour the pressurized water into the bowl to remove solid wastes.

The weak flush issue comes because of the faulty main water supply. The plastic tanks inside the toilets are connected to the main water supply of your home to fill the tank for flushing.

Interruption in the water supply line cannot fill the tanks properly, leading to decreased water level and pressure. The issue also comes when water supply valves are not fully opened, causing decreased levels.

Locate the water supply valve mounted on the walls and the right or left side of the toilets. Turn off the valve and press the flush handle to release the pressure.

Turn on the valve again and allow the tank to refill to check its efficiency. The issue comes from faulty valves when the tank takes more than the average time for a refill.

Faulty flush buttons

These toilets contain a flush button to trigger a power-assisted flushing mechanism. Sometimes these buttons become loose and interfere with the functioning of the actuator.

The clearance between these two components decreases, which causes an issue in flushing. You cannot see water in the bowl after pressing the flush button.

These become faulty because of the poor and incorrect installation of the Flushmate system. In addition, I faced a problem because of their frequent use.

These toilets are installed on the ground floor of my home, and everyone uses them frequently, which can lead to the malfunctioning of their flush button.

Open the tank lead and check the ground clearance between the flush rod and actuator. Adjust the ground clearance after repositioning the actuator and tighten the setscrews accordingly.

Clogged inlet screens

The inlet screen is the toilet mesh filter used to remove the debris particles and prevent their entry into the Flushmate flushing system.

It is installed on the water inlets where water from the supply valve enters the plastic tanks of cisterns. You can see weak and sluggish flush because clogged inlet screens obstruct the water supply.

The sufficient water cannot reach the tank for refilling purposes. The clogging issue comes when you do not replace or clean them for a longer time.

The algae accumulate on their sides because of humidity and cause obstruction in the water supply. In addition, mineral residue accumulation also blocks these meshed filters.

Turn off the water supply valve and remove the inlet screens with pointed objects. Remove the dried residues with a brush and merge them in the vinegar solution for cleaning.

Install them again after proper cleaning so they cannot obstruct the water flow.

Faulty Flushmate sensors

Sloan flushmate also contains a sensor to activate the flushing mechanism. It is a touch-free system for flushing which gives their customers a sense of hygiene.

These sensors work on the principle of infrared radiation and detect the presence of a person within specified ranges. These radiations detect the presence of objects when you move your hand in front of them and send signals to the system for flushing.

Sometimes these sensors become faulty and lead to incorrect and random flushing of toilets. The issue comes because of the electrical interference of other metal objects.

The batteries become dead and lead to poor functioning of electric sensors. You can remove the sensors and replace their battery when they flush randomly.

Water leaking

Sloan flushmate also causes water to leak between the tank and bowl. The issue comes because of the faulty and poor installation of the flush valve cartridge.

A flush valve cartridge replaces this power-assisted system to allow water for flushing. These allow water to move into the bowl when you press the flush button.

It is connected to the middle of the tanks to control water flow. It opens and closes when you press the flush button for flushing.

The water drips continuously into the bowl because of the failure of the cartridge. You can open the porcelain tank lid and inspect the flush valve cartridge.

Replace the cartridge to prevent unusual water dripping and wasting.

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