Shower Water Pressure Starts Strong Then Drops

Many people complain that water pressure in their shower ranges from stronger to weaker. This is because they can see a stronger supply at the start, which can end up with nozzle droplets.

Shower water pressure starts strong, then drops because of a faulty water pressure reduction valve, clogged aerators, low water levels in the tank, and issues with municipal supply and plumbing lines. Moreover, clogged plumbing lines, the air in pipes, faulty shutoff valve, and neighborhood water use also cause this problem.

It is irritating and inconvenient when someone is bathing and has soap scum on their bodies, but they cannot wash them because of insufficient water supply. Faulty shower handles, a gravity-fed system in older homes, and clogged shower heads are the least common cause of this problem.

Causes Solutions
Faulty water pressure reduction valve Replace reduction valves
Clogged aerators Aerator cleaning
Low water levels in the water tank Refill the tank
Municipal water supply issues Contact water supplying companies
Issue with plumbing pipes Tight connections and epoxy putty for cracks
Clogging and air in pipes Cleaning and sealing
Faulty shutoff valve Replace valve
Neighborhood water usage Call local authorities

Faulty water pressure reduction valve

The reduction and water pressure regulator valves control the pressure from the mainline because it is high for your plumbing system and narrow pipes.

The faulty or damaged valves cause fluctuations in supply because of their poor control. These are located at the main pipes of your home to keep supply at a constant rate.

The valves can get damaged and cannot keep the supply at a constant rate when these become old. Moreover, the issue comes when corrosion comes on their steel or metal parts.

The minerals can also deposit on their sides, leading to failure. Mineral accumulates on their sides when the water coming from the municipal supply is of hard type and rich in minerals. This can also cause low pressure in the shower head.

Avoid dealing with the regulator valve at home because you can cause leakages in them from their incorrect adjustment. Call the plumbing man and leave the remaining inspection to him; he can resolve it better.

Clogged aerators

The aerators are the sieve-like material in showers and faucets to provide a streamlined flow. You cannot see them in all fixtures because they are in the ones designed for less water usage.

These are made of metal or steel material and installed at the start of the fixture. The corrosion can come on the aerator, which can seal their small holes, and you can face the issue of diminished supply.

In addition, the minerals can also deposit in their holes and cause problems. For example, the oxidized manganese and iron come in the holes, and you can see water in form droplets because of the clogging.

Calcium and sediment deposits can also block the mesh screen of the aerators. You can clean the mess screen with a bristled brush for sediment and mineral deposit removal.

Moreover, you can remove them from the showers and dip them in a vinegar solution.

Low water levels in the water tank

Many people use large tanks in their homes that supply water to all the fixtures through specific and organized plumbing pipes.

Sometimes the pressure in the shower decreases from stronger to weaker when tank levels are low. These cannot maintain the pressurized supply because of low levels.

The levels become low when you forget to refill them or there is a power outage issue. These need an electric motor for their refilling, and you can face an issue when there is a problem with the electric system. It is better to refill the tanks when you see decreased supply in any of the fixtures.

Municipal water supply issues

Many households in America rely on the municipal supply, which uses water from the oceans and rivers. The water can reach your home through the underground plumbing system.

The different companies run them and ensure sufficient supply at every home. The issue comes due to maintenance in the system which can decrease the overall levels.

Moreover, the problem also comes when there is leakage in their underground plumbing system. The underground pipes are at more risk of damage, and it is hard to find them because you can see no visible leaks.

Therefore, contacting your local agency and water supply companies is better. In addition, you can also call the local authorities of your area to resolve the problem.

Issues with plumbing pipes

The pressure in the shower suddenly drops, and you can see droplets coming from them. The problem occurs due to the faulty plumbing system of your home.

The incorrect and loose connection of pipes causes the leakages, and water seeps from them. In addition, the plumbing pipes made of metal or PVC material are at risk of cracking.

The galvanized steel types in older homes are at more risk of cracking and causing leakages. Inspect your home’s plumbing system with a torch light to find the leakages and loose connections.

Tighten the screws of the connecting points to resolve the seeping problem. Use the epoxy putty to treat the corroded and cracked pipe of the plumbing system.

Clogging and air in pipes

The clogs in the plumbing pipes are also common when there is a hard water supply in your area. In addition, it can make the diameter narrow because of mineral accumulation on sidewalls.

You can see water pressure from stronger to weaker because of the narrowing of lines. Moreover, the air can also enter them through the cracked area.

The loose fittings can also leave space for air to enter, which can disturb the pressure. Cleaning is the better option to remove clogs and mineral deposits.

Treat the clogged area with a cleaning solution and return them to their previous locations. Treat the cracked end and loose connections so unnecessary air cannot come inside.

Faulty shutoff valve

The shutoff valve controls the water supply in the fixtures, and you can turn them on and off according to your requirements. You can see droplets from the showers when shutoff valves are not open and these are partially closed.

Moreover, you can see the fluctuations when these valves seize and cannot perform their functioning.

The rubber seals of valves get damaged because of aging and do not allow their movement in a different direction.

In addition, minerals and grit can also clog the shutoff valve and cause a problem. Repairing valves is only a waste of money and time because the problems are reversible. You can replace them with new ones for better functioning and water control in fixtures.

Neighborhood water usage

The water supply from the shower head decreases suddenly when its use is high in the same line. In addition, your neighborhood often installs a sweeping pool or a new bathroom in their apartments, which can affect the overall supply.

Moreover, the issue also comes when all people in the same line use the fixtures simultaneously. The problem is more likely to occur in the morning because everyone uses the bathroom to prepare for their jobs and school.

You can ask the neighbors if they are facing the same issue and call the local authorities and water control agencies to fix it.

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