Is Wooden Toilet Seat Better Than Plastic?

People use different materials for toilet seats according to their comfort level and preferences. Most people use wooden or plastic toilet seats because of their hygienic surfaces, which are easy to clean.

Is Wooden Toilet Seat Better Than Plastic? Wooden toilet seats are better than plastic ones because of their appealing appearance, weight-carrying capacity, resistance to temperature changes, and comfort. Moreover, they have more designs, are re-varnished easily, durable, resistant to stain, and available in more customized colors.

It is confusing for most people to select between enameled wood and plastic wooden toilet seats. The well-maintained and properly cleaned wooden types last longer and make them fully hygienic.

Why are wooden toilet seats better than plastic?

Wooden toilet seats are far better than plastic ones in terms of durability, comfort, design, and cleanliness, and most people prefer them.

Features Wooden toilet seats Plastic toilet seats
Aesthetic appeal More aesthetic and have various designs and colors Fewer designs
Weight carrying capacity More weight-carrying capacity Less weight-bearing capacity
Temperature changes Less resistant to temperature changes Drying of plasticizers
Comfortability More comfortable in winters Remains cold in winters
Revarnishing Can be re-varnished Becomes dull with time
Durability More durable Crack easily
Staining No staining Spots remain on the surface

Aesthetic appeal

The wooden type toilet seats are more suitable for bowls instead of plastic ones because it gives an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

It gives a warm texture and makes the space more welcoming and inviting. In addition, it can create a visual difference in the interior, attracting guests’ attention.

Moreover, these create the farmhouse look in your bathroom, and rustic accessories go perfectly. It gives a stylish and luxurious appearance you cannot get from plastic types.

Moreover, it also becomes easy for you to match different accessories with them because of their various colors and designs.

These are available in various colors and designs, and you can match them with other bathroom fixtures. You can also select customized designs and colors according to the theme of the interior.

Weight carrying capacity

The weight-carrying capacity of toilet seats is more if these are made of wooden materials. This is because these are thick and have more strength; you can put more weight on them.

The plastic can crack easily when you add extra weight to it. However, there are fewer chances of cracking and breaking in these types because of the strength of their manufacturing material.

In addition, these are suitable for homes that have obese people. This is because you cannot hear any squeaking and cracking noise while sitting on them.

It is better to add them to your home if you are obese and overweight, and there is no risk of their breaking.

More resistance to temperature changes 

Plastic is vulnerable to changes in temperature, and it can crack when exposed to extremely high and cold temperatures.

The high temperature causes plasticizers’ emissions, and these can lose their strength and flexibility.

The toilet seats can break when they dry and lose flexibility. However, the wooden types are less susceptible to changes in humidity because these are coated with enameled material.

The enameled coating seal their material and prevent them from exposure to hot and cold environment.


Wood is a bad conductor of heat, and the toilet seats made of this material remains warm in winter, and you do not feel cold surface while sitting on them.

It is irritating for people to sit on the cold toilet seats in the mid of the night on freezing winter nights. You get chills when a cold surface comes in contact with your warm body.

These remain warm and are a better choice for winter. In addition, these are comfortable, and you feel relaxed using them instead of plastic types.

The thick material provides more support, making you feel more comfortable sitting on them instead of a thinner surface.

Re-varnishing and durability

The wooden toilet seats are better because these last for a longer time with little maintenance and care. In addition, you can make them new and water-resistant by applying sealing and enamel coats on their surface.

The enameled coat starts to damage over time, and you can re-varnish or retreat them with the same material to restore their glossy texture.

These are more durable than plastic ones and save frequent replacement costs. In addition, the high-quality non-porous can last for 4 to 8 years if you maintain them properly.

The sealing and re-varnishing at the correct time increase their durability and make them water-resistant.

No stains

The wooden material has no stains, and you cannot see any urine and pee spots on its surface because of its smooth and glossy finished layer.

Moreover, stains are also easy to remove from them, and you cannot see any marks on their surface after their removal.

The stains become prominent on a plastic surface in case of urine splashes and give a yellowish appearance. In addition, the stains are difficult to remove from them because of their textured surface.

The surface is not smooth and has more friction, making spot removal difficult.

Are wooden toilet seats completely resistant to water? 

Wooden toilet seats are completely resistant to water, and moisture cannot affect their original texture and smoothness. The issue comes when the treated coating on their surface starts to damage. Moreover, the old veneer can also crack and allow the water to come on them.

People face water-related damage in these fixtures when they become old and are exposed to water for several years. This is because water can damage their original enamel coat and expose them to water splashes.

These are completely resistant when new, and there is no visible damage on their exterior coat or sealing layer. However, the water presence for several years causes the rotting of wooden material.

In addition, you can also see dullness in their color, which disturbs the aesthetic appeal.

Why do some people prefer plastic over wooden toilet seats? 

Some people still prefer plastic over wooden material because of their cost. However, the durability of wood types increases their overall cost, and people sometimes cannot afford them.

In addition, these can also lose their water-resistant properties over time and develop moisture-related damages. These are also porous and cause water droplets to penetrate their inner layer and cause rotting.

Moreover, these are heavy and affect the bowl. Therefore, these cannot stay up because of their heavy weight and injure your children.

The attached screws also become loose early because these are carrying heavy-weight fixtures. The people do not want to add them because of their cleanliness and maintenance difficulty.

These are difficult to clean, and you need special cleaners for them. There are fewer chances of scratches in the plastic ones, and children can also open and close them easily because of their lighter weight.

In addition, these do not fade over time and remain the same even if you use them for years.

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