How to Position Downlights in Bathroom?

Downlights are also called recessed lights, and they are efficient in providing adequate light in the bathroom.

How to Position Downlights in Bathroom? You can position downlights in a bathroom by considering the spacing, distance from the wall, and dim lights. Moreover, you can choose the color scheme and highlight the focal point.

These lights provide adequate light and the right amount of light you need to perform your task or readings. In addition, you have a choice to use all of them or some of them at the same time. 

They have multiple uses, as you can use them only to highlight your artwork, as a spotlight, and as task lights.

Spacing matters

The spacing between the downlights matters because they should not cancel or interrupt each other’s area for spreading and occupying a small portion of the floor.

In addition, these lights are efficient in spreading the light on the floor to a wider area, and you do not have to install tube lights on each wall for proper lighting.

Furthermore, the distance between them is essential to perform well in their specific area. It will look crowded and unnecessarily bright when you do not want a setting in your place.

You are wondering right now how you can know the spacing between the two downlights. It is not difficult to measure the space between them.

However, you should know the distance between the floor and the ceiling. For example, if your ceiling is 10 ft tall, then you should divide it by 2.

You will have your measurement of space between the two downlights, which are 5 feet of distance.

Moreover, you will have to put a space of five feet between all the lights in the room. It will help you to manage the number of downlights in the room.

Furthermore, you should consider the areas inside the bathroom where you require the lights the most. You can then start from there and install other lights with a space of five feet between them.

In addition, make sure that you are not connecting the wiring of all the lights to one or two switches. Connecting 1 or 2 lights with one is better as you can easily adjust the amount of light in your bathroom.

Distance from the wall

I have discussed the spacing between the two downlights, but now I will discuss the distance between them from the wall. 

However, it depends on your use and the purpose of using them because you can utilize them in many ways and not just the purpose of fulfilling your mainstream lights.

It is a suggestion that you keep a distance of 2 ft between the walls and the lights in the ceiling.

Moreover, it will prevent from overshadowing the walls if you put them just above the walls. Finally, it can reveal ugly textures and marks which are not prominent to the eye in the absence of light.

This set of lights is compulsory if you use them to light your bathroom and not uplift the place’s vibe or decor.

In addition, these lights can create the effect of wall washing in which the recessed lights wash the walls with light and brightness.

You can use them for this purpose if you want to show off the paint, texture, wallpaper, or detailing of the wall of your washroom.

It will create an effect of cones of light dropping over the wall if you put more of them in a row over the wall.

Moreover, it will not look too bright; instead, it will create a focal point in your washroom. Finally, it will look decorative and glam on the dark-colored walls.

Dim lights

These lights come in with the setting of dimming the lights from their full exposure.

It has become an essential feature in these lights because sometimes you do not want the lights at their full brightness. 

Furthermore, it depends on your mood because you often do not want too much light and brightness around you, and it can feel loud. 

It can feel irritating to have this much brightness around. However, the dimming feature of lights can uplift your mood and calm your tired body.

Moreover, the dim lights soothe your nerves and mind, especially when you are taking a relaxing hot bath in your tub with candles.

In addition, you can set the diming with the switch buttons and stop where you are comfortable with the intense lighting.

Most people enjoy bathing in a tub and showering in dim lights as you do not need brightness at that time.

Furthermore, this feature helps those people who have difficulty detecting the buttons in the dark.

They can detect the buttons in the dim lights and turn them to full brightness when using the washroom at night. 

Therefore, you can benefit from this setting and leave it on the dim level to help the kids because they can also face difficulty switching them on.

Color scheme

You can also change the colors of these lights, such as white, pale white, orange, pink, blue, and many more.

In addition, the change in colors can also affect the bathroom’s decor and enhance the place’s vibe. 

Furthermore, you can adjust them according to your mood and enjoy your relaxing bath because who does not want to have quality bath time?

Moreover, you can make bathing time interesting for your kids because the colors attract the kids, and they like it when their surroundings are full of different colors.

In addition, you can choose the setting of the colors in lights that go well with your wall paint and the color scheme of your bathroom interior.

You can choose white lights if the interior of your bathroom is dark and white lights will enhance the details and colors of the bathroom.

Similarly, you can choose yellow or orange lights in the white colored scheme of the interior of the washroom.

It will soothe the mind as the color scheme of the interior and lights matches, and you will feel a sense of comfort in that environment.

Highlight focal point

The downlights help in creating the focal points in the place where you have installed them. For example, you can install them over your sink to enhance the décor of your vanity.

The mirrors are a focal point in a washroom, and you need proper light to see a clear image of yourself in them.

Therefore, the light over the mirror is essential, reflecting the light everywhere in your washroom.

Similarly, you should install some over your shower and bathtub area because you also need the lights over that area.

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