How to Make Bathtub Water Hotter?

It is necessary to make the bathtub water hot during winter to take a bath in warm water. You cannot sit in the cold when the temperature is low and cold air is blowing outside.

How to Make Bathtub Water Hotter? You can make the bathtub water hotter by keeping the temperature warm, insulating the surroundings, preheating the water, and closing doors or windows. Moreover, you can also use bathtub stones, tankless heaters, bubble baths, and bath covers and remove sediments from its faucets.

People want to sit in the tub with warm water when they come home in winter. It gives the feeling of relaxation, and you can feel comfortable sitting there.

Methods Procedure
Increase heat flow Change the knob towards the hot side
Insulate surroundings with foam Use spray foams, blankets, and towels
Preheat water in the oven or kettle Boil water in the oven or kettle
Close doors and windows Ensure doors and windows are closed, and exhaust fans are off
Use stones Preheat the stones and place them in bathtubs
Use tankless water heaters and heaters Turn on tankless heaters and electric heaters in interior
Remove sediments Use vinegar solution and cleaning agents
Try bubble baths Make a thick layer of bubble baths on the upper surface of water
Bath covers Cover quarter half of the bathtub with covers to prevent heat loss

Increase heat flow 

Faucets are attached to the bathtubs to adjust the temperature from a higher to a lower range. According to factory settings, these are shifted at the normal range for safety purposes.

You can set them at a hotter temperature by adjusting these faucets if you want hot water for bathing.

You have to turn it in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction according to the labeled arrows on them.

The knob is on the lower side of these tubs to adjust temperatures. Take a screwdriver and loosen the screws to remove the handle.

You can see a plastic shifter after removing it, turning it towards the labeled heat arrow, and changing the temperature.

Insulate surroundings with foam

You can also make the water hotter for a longer time by insulating the surroundings and preventing heat loss.

Sometimes bathtubs are installed at some distance from the floor, and the walls mean these are installed as freestanding objects.

The extra space between the walls and floors causes heat loss from the sides. You can insulate these areas using the foam because these can retain more heat in their surroundings.

You can also fill the space between the walls and floors using foam sprays. The cheapest method to retain heat is to wrap it with blankets and towels.

Preheat water in the oven or kettle

You can make increase the bathtub temperature by preheating it. Preheat the water in the oven and electric kettle, then add it to the tubs.

Sometimes heaters are not increasing the temperature sufficiently because of their malfunctioning. You can achieve the boiling temperature by preheating it in an oven and an electric kettle.

You can pour this boiling water which can maintain its temperature. In addition, you can also use the stove for boiling.

Place a container on the stove and keep it at medium to high flame to reach the boiling temperature.

Close doors and windows

It is also better to close the doors and windows of the bathroom when you want to maintain the water temperature.

The heat moves outside from the open doors and windows in the form of steam. In addition, it is also necessary to close the drapes of the windows.

The heat remains inside when you close the doors or windows and make the enclosed space. As a result, the heat loss decreases, which can keep the inside hot.

Moreover, it is also necessary to close the air vents to retain heat in the interior. Avoid using exhaust fans in the bathroom when you take a bath in winter.

Use stones

Some stones are available in the market to retain the heat for a longer time and keep the bathtub water warm when you put them,

These stones are original rocks, volcanic material, or basalt material. It can also make the interior luxurious because of its rustic and antique color.

Preheat these stones to the maximum temperature and fill it with warm water. These stones retain the heat for a longer time and maintain the temperature.

You can select stones according to the size of the tub. The number of stones depends on the dimensions of the tub that how large it is.

These stones are a little bit costly but are the best insulators to keep the temperature high.

Use tankless water heaters

You can use tankless heaters to heat the water. These heaters can increase the temperature of the unlimited water.

It has no limit because of the absence of tanks; these devices can only raise the temperature when water passes through them.

Tankless heaters are beneficial because they are energy efficient and less costly than other electric devices.

The bathrooms’ surroundings are cold, which absorbs the heat of the water. Therefore, it is better to adjust the temperature of the whole interior so molecules cannot travel from the hot to the cold side.

Turn on the electric or gas heaters on the inner side so they can raise the temperature of the surroundings.

Remove sediments

Removing junk and sediments from the plumbing system and hot side faucets is also essential.

Sometimes you are not getting hot water from the faucets because of the sedimentation on their surface that can cause blockage.

The sedimentation occurs due to the buildup of minerals and rock salt in the water, which can block the steady flow.

It is necessary to make them clear by removing this sediment layer. Clean the faucets using a solution of vinegar and salt to remove this accumulation.

In addition, you can also use cleaning agents to resolve this problem.

Try bubble baths

A bubble bath is a fun activity for the kids because of the formation of a bubble layer on the upper side. It is the layer that is present above the water.

A bubble bath is the most reliable option to make the water hotter. The bubble bath layer on the water acts as a protective coating and limits heat loss.

These bubbles act as the barrier between the heat and the outside environment. Heat cannot move into the surroundings because of this protective sheet.

You have to preheat the bathtubs and water for these bubbles. However, you can maintain the temperature for longer with more bubble bath layers to retain heat.

Bath covers

Many people add covers to prevent heat loss. However, the water remains hotter when you add them while taking a bath.

These are available in various materials, colors, sizes, and designs. You can select the material according to your choice and affordability.

You can add them on the upper side with a sliding track and attach them with a boundary using hinges.

However, installation with hinges is tricky because you have to add hinges for their movement.

These are available in acrylic, plastic, and wooden material. Wooden types are best because they can retain the heat better.

Select them according to the size and dimensions of the bathtub for their proper function.

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