How Many Orbeez To Fill a Bathtub?

Many people like to play with Orbeez and even these in the bathtubs. They are available in small to large packets with different colors.

How Many Orbeez To Fill a Bathtub? You can fill 42 gallons bathtub with 67200 Orbeez, a 40 gallons bathtub needs 64000 polymer beads, and add 128000 gel crystals in 80 gallons bathtub. Fill a large-size bathtub of 90 to 110 gallons with 144000 to 176000 Orbeez.

You can use the mathematical formula to assess the total number of required beads that fill a small to a large bathtub. However, you cannot leave them in water for more than three days because they develop an unpleasant smell. 

How many Orbeez are required to fill a bathtub?

Orbeez is gel-based beads that can swell inside water. Their size increases due to their polymer-based composition. 

Unlike their original shape, they can grow when you put them in water for about 10 to 15 minutes. However, they react to water due to their absorbent properties. 

These swelled beads comprise sodium hydroxide, polymers, and acrylic acid. You can access a significant growth in their size due to water absorption. 

According to their growth tendency, a bead can grow to 14 mm (0.5 inches). Several people leave them for one week to grow them to around 20 inches (50 cm).

You can use them to fill your tub and enjoy a versatile bath. However, you require their specific number for proper filling.

You can find different sizes of bathtubs with distinct water-holding limits. They can hold about 42 gallons of clean and fresh water. 

With a simple calculation, you can obtain the total number of Orbeez which fills them. For the calculation, you can use the USA measuring cup, which has a total volume of about 14.43 cubic inches. 

According to experiments, one measuring cup can comprise 100 beads in their hydrated condition. Moreover, one US gallon contains about 16 measuring cups due to standards.

Due to this calculation, one gallon requires 1600 beads for filling. With this calculation, you can estimate the number of required Orbeez.

For example, a standard bathtub in the USA has a capacity of 42 gallons. Due to this capacity, it requires 67200 Orbeez to fill it to the top. 

A small-sized option has a limit of 40 gallons. According to this capacity, you require about 64000 polymer beads. 

Moreover, a slightly large to medium option has a limit of about 80 gallons. To fill it, you require about 128000 polymer-based beads. 

Its large-sized options contain about 90 to 110 gallons. According to these limits, you can fill them with 144000 to 176000 Orbeez. 

This filling procedure is expensive because you can get a packet of about 2000 beads for $20 to $30, which makes the method costly.

Why would you use Orbeez to fill a bathtub?

These are appealing all beads with water-absorbing qualities. To get the following benefits, you can use gel crystals during bathing. 

Relaxing experience

You can put these inside your bathtub to get a relaxed and comfortable bath. They are soft polymer beads that provide a soothing feel. 

They are available in different colors, which improves their appeal. In addition, they activate and provide exceptional comfort.

Due to their characteristics, they can provide a continuous massage for the back. In addition, they can provide instant relief from muscle pain. 

Due to their smooth action, they relax the mind and facilitate extraordinary relaxation. For sensory relaxation, they are one of the best options.

They comprise a soft feel due to their texture, which is soothing for the bathing person. Moreover, due to their composition, you can hold and carry them. 

However, they can slip due to their gel-based composition. It provides a relaxing sight for the bathing person. 

No-toxic effect

They are non-toxic for human health. Several people engulf them due to their softness.

But, they do not affect health because they have harmless polymers. In addition, due to their non-toxic behavior, they never arrange into groups or clumps.

They remain separate and provide maximum comfort. Moreover, they do not show toxicity to external dirt particles and other objects.

With minimum toxicity, they do not affect the skin. They do not cause rashes or specific allergies despite the bath of 50 to 60 minutes. 

You cannot swallow them in abundance because the digestive system cannot break them down in bulk.

Attract children 

Many parents use Orbeez to attract their children. These are squishy, soft, and slipping colorful beads which appeal to children.

The kids feel happy due to their presence in their bathing water. During the bathing situation, they keep playing with these gal-based crystals. 

Due to their colorful appearance, the children capture them. As a result, they make their bathing time easy for the guardian or parents. 

Due to their size modification, they amaze the children. Their conversion from tiny beads to 0.5 inches balls makes children happy. 

Spa facility

It is soft beads that provide a spa facility in a bathtub. For maximum comfort, you can remove additional water through the strainer.

Then, you can use the waterfall feature and get a comfortable and relaxing spa. Due to their soft touch, you can stabilize your hands over their layer and get a spa-like feel.

You can adjust your feet on them and sense their squishy and satisfying texture. Due to their softness, they can reduce body pain.

They provide relaxation to the hands and feet with their softness. For a better experience, you can add them to the tub before entering inside it.

Then, the waterfall makes them squishier, and they float to provide spa-like comfort. 

Particular aroma

They have a specific odor due to their internal polymers, oil effect, and gel consistency. Due to their natural aroma, they make bathing relaxing.

A few are odorless, and you can make them scented before their addition to the tub. Due to their scent, the water absorbs a specific aroma that relaxes the brain and body. 

Their scent attracts people but can produce unpleasant smells when you leave for many days. This is because they depend on water and absorb water continuously until they grow to maximum size. 

After their growth, water becomes useless for them. In such conditions, you can remove the excess water and enjoy an aromatic shower and bath combination.

How do you get Orbeez out of a bathtub?

You cannot push the Orbeez towards the bathtub drain because they can clog the drainage pipe. They can accumulate in the drain hole and blocks the water removal passage.

It happens due to their additional size due to water absorption. In addition, due to their forceful removal from the drain, it can lead to excessive plumbing faults.

You cannot flush or push them from the drain hole in such circumstances. However, you can make a homemade solution to bring them out.

You can mix baking soda with vinegar inside a bucket. Then, you can pour the solution into the bathtub and leave it for 10 to 30 minutes.

Due to the solution, the beads dissolve and lose their shape. However, it is a slow procedure and can take up to 40 to 50 minutes.

With a similar solution, you can clean the drain. It can remove the pieces of beads from the drain hole and pipe.

As a result, they remain safe from clogging and unnecessary blockage.

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