How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll?

Toilet paper is the most frequently used item in the bathroom, and you might think that all the rolls have the same dimensions and sizes because they look the same when you select them. However, the sizes and dimensions for each packing differ from the others, depending on the manufacturer.

How Long is a Toilet Paper Roll? The average length of the toilet paper roll is between 3.5 to 4.5 inches (8.9-11.4 cm), depending on different brands, and the total length of the roll with 200-220 sheets is approximately 900 inches or 75 feet, which is equal to 23 meters (2286 cm). Its length, width, and weight depend on the number of sheets, ply-layers, and the material used by the manufacturers.

You often came across the thought of how long this toilet paper roll is when choosing it for your bathroom because long rolls can last longer than shorter ones.

How long are the toilet paper rolls?

The average length of toilet paper sheets lies between 3.5 to 4.5 inches or 8.9 to 11.4 cm, which can vary depending on the brand. However, the standard length is 3.7 inches (9.4 cm or 0.3 foot), and most of the brands manufacture this standard length for daily use.

The average length of full roll ranges between 900 inches or 75 feet, which is 23 meters or 2286 cm in length if it has 200 sheets per roll.

The diameter of the roll is 1.6 inches (4cm), and it can vary when the pack is new and after consuming some sheets. The bigger toilet paper rolls have bigger diameters because of more sheets and thickness.

The average width of toilet paper is 3.7 to 4.4 inches (9.4 to 11.2 cm), or you can say that it is 0.31 to 0.37 foot wide, which also vary with the brand specifications. The wider sheets are preferable because they will be less consumed.

What factors affect the size of the toilet paper roll?

Different factors affect the length, width, and weight of the toilet paper roll, and some of these factors are explained here.

Number of sheets

The number of sheets in a roll varies for different brands and sizes, such as some tissue packing has 150 sheets, while others have 600. You can select different sizes according to your preference or the usage if you have a large family and they use the tissues more frequently.

The toilet paper roll with more sheets will have a large overall length, as these rolls can have an average length that ranges from 500 to 2000 feet or 152 to 609 meters.

Some brands mentioned the number of sheets per roll on the packing, and you can select it according to your requirements. More sheets in a tissue pack can be more expensive than the smaller ones because of their larger size and overall length.

Manufacturing brand

Their sizes can vary for different brands, the quality of the material they use, and the most common and demanding size among the users.

The brands such as Cottonelle, Scott Essential, Charming Ultra Strong, and other famous brands have different lengths, widths, and weights for their rolls.

You can select the same sizes from different brands, but the quality and the prices may vary because they use different materials and quality products for their customers.


Ply-layer refers to the number of sheets bonded over each other, used to make it more comfortable for daily use, and can dissolve in the toilet to prevent clogging in the drains.

A single-ply layer has one sheet, a two-ply comes with two sheets, and three-ply features three sheets of layers to form thick and soft sheets. The number of ply layers affects the size of the toilet paper roll and the number of sheets in it.

For example, a single-ply layer has 1200 sheets, and the double-ply layer has 600 sheets per roll, and you will use less tissue if they are double layers, but the length of the toilet paper roll will decrease for double-ply tissues.

The more ply tissues will have less number of sheets, and the overall length is shorter than a single-ply layer of tissue paper. You can read the ply of the tissue on its packing before selecting it for your bathroom.

What is the average weight of a toilet paper roll?

The overall weight of the toilet paper roll depends on the length, ply layer thickness, and the number of sheets in it. In addition, the packing, labeling, and manufacturing process for different tissue rolls also affects the weight.

The average weight for toilet paper that is 4.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches wide is approximately 0.23 kg, which is equal to 0.5 pounds or 227 grams.

The weight of tissue paper with a 3-ply layer has more weight than one-ply tissue because of the thickness that adds to the overall weight of the paper roll.

The material used for the tissues also affects its weight, such as the virgin pulp and the de-inked pulp with color textures properties can increase its weight.

More sheets with 2, 3, or 4-ply layers have more weight but are safe to use because they prevent germs and bacteria on your hands.

Are longer toilet paper rolls better?

The longer toilet rolls are not always good, as it depends on the quality, hygiene, and ability to dissolve in the toilet to avoid clogging.

People with a large family of 3 to 4 prefer to have a long tissue roll because you have to place a new packing after one day or daily, depending on the people using this bathroom.

However, these can last for many days, and they can get mold, wet, or dissolve before use if you do not replace them for months, such as the tissue packs in the guest room.

For example, one person can consume 10-15 sheets of one-ply tissue for every visit to the toilet, and one person can use a toilet four to five times a day. This means that one person can use approximately 75 sheets per day, and five people can consume 375 sheets per day.

You should replace the tissue roll after two days if it has 1000 sheets per roll. However, a 1000-sheet tissue roll can last ten days if you use it alone.

You can consume fewer tissues if they are 3-ply because of the thickness, while one-ply tissues are used more frequently to clean the body.

Therefore, the length is not always the problem, but the material quality and the number of people using it will decide what size roll you should place in the bathroom.

Things to consider while selecting the toilet paper roll

It is better to consider some things while selecting the toilet paper roll for the bathroom because it comes in different sizes or dimensions.

You can select the tissue roll that can fix accurately inside the holder or the dispenser because it can get wet or water splashes can drop on if the size is larger than the holder or dispenser and it extends out of the holder.

The small pack can slip from the holder or unfold when you take a piece and become useless if dropped on the wet floor. Therefore, it is essential to select the length and height that can adjust in the holder.

You can choose the tissue packs that are more budget-friendly, as they range from $15 to $40, depending on the number of tissue rolls in each pack. The quality of the tissue also affects its cost, as 3-ply tissues are more expensive than single-ply.

Select toilet paper that is soft and comfortable to use because low-quality material cannot clean the body and consume more. Moreover, it can cause clogging in the drain pipes and creates an unhygienic environment.

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