Can you wash bathroom floor mats in washing machine?

Many people avoid using bathroom mats when they get dirty. Cleaning it in a washing machine is the easiest and fastest way to clean them.

Can you wash bathroom floor mats in washing machine? Yes, you can wash bathroom floor mats in a washing machine to avoid dirt, mold, and smell. You can wash cotton and woolen, nylon and polyester mats in it. However, you should not use washers and dryers for rubber and latex-backed mats.

They are used for safety and to give your bathroom a lovely and aesthetic look.

How can you wash bathroom floor mats in a washing machine?

Before washing bathroom mats, always check their care labels and instructions. You can shake out or vacuum the mat before cleaning it because dirt can accumulate inside it. This can block the motor pipes.

You can take a soft brush or broom to remove hair and dust from it. Dry it for some time if it is heavily wet and then use a vacuum cleaner.

It is better to do a color fastness test on a small area of the mat to avoid any color spread. You can wash two or three mats together if they pass the color fastness test.

You need to be careful to wash these mats with other laundry clothes. This can affect the hygiene of your clothes. Carefully read its instruction to confirm the correct temperature.

Spot any stain or mark on it and clean it with any stain remover before putting it in the washer. Then, leave it for some time, as advised in the instructions.

You can use a light detergent with less harmful chemicals to maintain its color and look of it. However, a detergent with chemicals can affect its color and fiber.

You can use a cold water cycle because hot water can cause its color to spread. Then, when the washing cycle is complete, you can take it out.

You can tumble dry it at a low spinning rate and temperature to avoid any damage to it. But it is better to air dry it outside in your backyard. Never dry rubber-backed mats in a dryer because it can cause the rubber to melt and the motor to destroy.

I recommend you wash these after 2-3 weeks, depending on how much they are exposed to moisture. This is because they are in your regular use and soak water every time you use this place.

You can wash them once a week if you have kids in your house and they often use the shower.

You can wash rubber-backed mats after 3-4 weeks because they do not soak much water.

Why would you wash bathroom mats in a washing machine?

Bathroom mats are in regular use as they are placed at the entrance for cleanliness. They are more exposed to contaminants than other floor covering.

Dirt and dust

They get dust, dirt, and bacteria from your shoes, foot, and open windows. When you do not clean it regularly, it will make things a little messy. 

Dirt and dust particles can accumulate in mats and look unhygienic and unpleasant.

When you enter your house and need to use the bathroom, the dirt on your shoes can stain and spoil the mat.

To avoid smell

After a tiring day, the first thing you need to do is to take a fresh shower. You will step on your mat with wet feet, and it will absorb water. 

You can drop water splashes on mats while cleaning your hands or face. Mats soak this water and cause bacteria, fungi, and mold to grow there.

They quickly absorb all moisture and encourage smelling and stingy odor. Therefore, it is advised to wash them to avoid such annoying situations.

Save money and time

Most of these mats are easily washable. So when you encounter any dirt, stain, or smell in it, you can immediately wash them.

Washing it can save you money instead of spending on a new one. You can wash it with any affordable detergent. It can save you time and money using a washer.

It gives a fresh and new look to your mats and safe you from spending more money. Thus, cleaning them in a washer is cost and time effective.

Why do some people avoid using washers and dryers for bathroom floor mats?

Many people avoid cleaning bathroom mats in it. Some of them can not handle much load of mats. They soak in water and become heavier in weight when they are wet. 

Many washers are designed to deal with soft and light fabric and have high spin rates of approximately 1000-1200 revolutions per minute. 

This exerts a significant force on heavy objects and can tear them apart. Washing heavy mats can damage the drain motor and clog the pipes. The cotton and microfiber mats can absorb water to a great extent.

Many washers come with the instruction not to wash these mats in them. They are often not washed in washers because they can break the spin basket. They hesitate to use it because any damage to the washer can cause the repair cost. 

What kind of bathroom floor mats can you wash in a washing machine?

Depending on their texture and fabric, you can wash mats in a washer.

Cotton and woolen mats

Cotton and woolen mats are more famous because they are made of soft and sleek fabric.

You can clean them in a washer with some precautions, and they are durable. However, small-size mats are advised to wash in a washer because they absorb more water and become heavy.

The washer can clean appropriately with less effort. It takes a short time to wash and dry them in washers. It is better to adjust its spin rate and temperature to avoid damage.

Nylon or polyester mats

These are made of complete synthetic fiber. They have water-resistant material in their formation and are best for wet places like the bathroom. They are also stain-resistant, have good durability, and are pocket friendly.

You can wash and dry them easily, but it requires personal attention to prevent damage.

They do not easily wear off after washing. Be sure to check the spinning rate and temperature for drying it. Large-size nylon and polyester mats are not recommended to wash in washers.

Rubber and latex-backed mats

It is better to avoid washing the rubber and latex backing because they can cause the pipes to clog.

Rubber pieces and latex can block the drain pipes and severely affect the motor functions. In addition, it can affect the washing cycle and produce noise in it.

Heavy rubber mats can destroy the spin basket and machine motor. Any damage to its motor, bearings, and spin basket can cost a lot of money to repair.

Spinning temperature can cause the rubber to melt and affect its functioning. You can wash these mats with your hands with soft brushes. They have short life, but with proper care, you can make them work for a long time.

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