Can You Spray Paint Bathroom Floor Tiles?

Bathroom tiles are considered one of the essential items to give it a trendy and classy look. In addition, painting them is a good option to save money.

Can You Spray Paint Bathroom Floor Tiles? You can spray paint bathroom floor tiles because it is durable, easy to apply, gives a smooth finish, and is cost-effective. For this, you have to check the grout, clean and smooth the surface, apply the paint and let it dry. It can give your bathroom a new look.

People like to spend their weekends renovating something in their bathrooms when they are bored with their old designs. Painting them is a good time pass and gives you an aesthetic outcome.

Why would you spray your bathroom floor tiles?

You can spray paint your floor and shower tiles instead of changing them to make your bathroom look cool.

A new look

When these floor tiles are old or become discolored and dull, you do not need to worry much about them. Instead, you can spray paint them to give them a new and fresh look.

When these tiles have stains and marks, you can easily make them look novel by using spray paint. In addition, it can give your floor a smooth and even texture. 

Shower tiles are at significant risk of fading and discoloring because of water use there. It is an easy way to paint them to their original color.

Easy to apply

You can easily apply them without much physical exertion. You can reach the areas that are not easily accessed. For example, you do not need brushes or rollers to paint your bathroom floor. 

Just grab a spray bottle and apply it to the place you want to paint. It is easy to apply when you are skilled and have the experience to use it properly. You can use it without getting your shoulders and hands tired.


Spray paints are cost-effective and come in different ranges. However, you can change these tiles when they are fading.

Changing the floor tiles can cost a significant expense and more labor. In addition, you have to appoint a professional to change it.

Painting this surface with good paint will save you money from changing new tiles, and it can also last for a long time. Then, you can select any budget-friendly product for it.

Versatile and efficient

They are versatile as you can apply them on these tiles, vinyl floors, or even on wood. In addition, there is a variety of color options to select according to their color and texture.

Spray painting is one of the fastest ways to paint a tile floor. It takes a short time to dry because the layer is not very thick. Therefore, it saves a lot of your precious time than a roller and brush painting.

It saves you from paint bubbles, cracks, and uneven surfaces. In addition, you can cover large areas in a much shorter time than roll or brush painting.


It uses oil-based paints instead of water-based paints and is much more durable. It also increases your bathroom tiles’ durability as a layer between the environment and the surface.

They can last much longer than hand painting. Some of them come with a warranty card which ensures their durability for a long time. 

You can coat more than one layer to make it last longer. In addition, it provides long-lasting results with better-quality surface texture.

How to spray paint floor tiles in your bathroom?

It needs special skills and experience to spray paint the floor tiles in your bathroom. Here are some tips for doing this more efficiently.

Check the grout

Grouting gives rigidity and adds a refined, finished look to your tile floor. It is better to check the grouting before applying any paint to it.

When the gaps between the tiles are not filled, you can select any suitable grout to fill them. They are often in powder form, but mixed containers are now available.

Carefully fill the gaps with grout and let it dry for some time. Then, check it to make sure that it is dry.

Clean the surface

Preparing the surface before applying any paint on it is a major step to consider. Dirt, hair, and other particles on it can make it look uneven and rough.

Take a mop or a soft broom to clean the floor of dirt and debris. You can wipe a wet mop on it to clean it properly. Then, wash it in the bucket and wipe the remaining area.

You can use a vacuum cleaner or fan to dry it. Open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan for air circulation to avoid humidity and moisture.

Smooth the surface

Sanding the surface is always a great concern for professionals to prevent unequal and rough surfaces. You can use sandpaper or abrasive paper to smooth the surface.

You can read the instruction on it to make sure that you can sand the tile before applying paint.

Remove any grease, stains, or gloss from it to make it better for adhesion, as it is challenging to stick to a glossy tile.

Gently rub the floor with abrasive paper or sandpaper to clean the upper polish or coating. When the surface is already smooth, and even enough, you do not need to sand it down.

Apply the paint

Selecting a color that matches it is sometimes a big issue, as you can not find the exact color of your tiles. This will need your attention and time to make paint that matches your floor.

When you select a suitable color for it, you can move to apply it. First, select any good spray paint gun to use it. A good one can save you time and money you spend on it.

Cautiously apply it on the surface. It is better to take care when using it near your bathtub and toilet. This can waste all your hard work in the form of rough and uneven surfaces.

Finishing and dry

Instruction guidelines will help you to know the drying time of it. Then, you can apply a second coat on it if you leave any patches to paint.

It can take approximately 5-9 hours to touch dry and 23-26 hours to recoat it. The complete process can take 2-3 days to dry. 

Things to consider while doing spray paint on bathroom floor tiles

Spray paint contains toxic chemicals in its formation, so wear a mask while doing this.

These chemicals can affect your lungs and nerves severely. You can wash your hands with the mineral spirit or a good handwash.

Water splashes can drop on the floor, so be careful and do not damage the surface. You can cover the bathtub and toilet with paper or tape.

A wrong spray gun can sprinkle the paint and ruin your hard work. So check it in an unnoticeable place to see if it spatters or not.

Shak the bottle properly before applying it. You can use it by staying 6-8 inches away from it and changing your position back and forth with the spray.

Read the warning label carefully and use goggles to protect your eyes from fumes. It is better to dispose of the empty spray bottles in a place away from children.

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