Can you remove bathroom floor without removing toilet?

Many people want to remove the bathroom floors when tiles become loose and start to come off from their surfaces. The loose and cracked tiles produce a sound when you step on them, making the interior unappealing.

Can you remove bathroom floor without removing toilet? You can remove the bathroom floor without removing the toilet if these are of peel and sticky types and tiles are not present under the toilet. However, it is necessary to remove them when a toilet is installed on the floor tiles and made of ceramic and other materials.

Removing toilets to replace the flooring is a difficult task, and many people do not know about this procedure. Therefore, it is better to hire a plumbing expert to attach the fixtures safely.

Is it necessary to remove the toilet when removing bathroom floor?

The removal of toilets for floor replacement depends on their construction and types of flooring. You often have to remove all the fixtures to repair the damaged area. 

It is necessary to remove them if the tiles are of adhesive types because these require special tools for their loosing and detachment.

Moreover, most toilets are not on the tiles and are installed on wax rings for their proper fitting. Therefore, you do not have to remove them if there are no tiles under them.

In addition, there is no need to spend extra labor cost and time on this hectic procedure when tiles are of sticky and peel-off types.

You can apply these types by properly recutting their shapes according to the edges and grooves. In addition, these sticky materials have less thickness, and installing them under a fixture is not necessary.

Cover the sides adequately by wrapping the outer lower surface of the bowls.

Why would you remove the toilet when removing the bathroom floor?

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the toilets when you replace the floors of bathrooms for their easy and quick installation.

Even floor installation

The proper and even finish of the bathroom floor is necessary to make its interior good. Moreover, the uneven floors also cause the usual movement of water.

It can also damage the area where water stays longer because of the inclined area. Therefore, it is better to remove the fixtures when you want to give a smooth appearance.

Toilet removal is also necessary because running water from showers can move under them and damage their base.

In addition, it can also make these fixtures shaky because of their poor installation and uneven surface.

The water seeps into their inner side and makes the surface spongy, and damages the ring seals.

Uniform finish

The uniform finish of the whole bathroom interior is necessary to make the space appealing and inviting for your guests. You should also replace the tiles that have fallen off.

It looks awkward when you see empty spaces and exposed sidewalls from the corners and sides because of the poor replacement of tiles and their incorrect size.

You can only install them even when you remove the fixtures complete and install them after completing the procedure.

You can completely cover the ground surface and wall when there is no hindrance between their installation.

Moreover, you can give a uniform texture because you do not have to resize the tiles and planks according to the equipped fixture.

Make installation procedure easy

Many people remove the toilets when adding new floors to the bathroom to make the procedure easy.

Adding tiles when fixtures are on the ground surfaces or walls is challenging. In addition, cutting the ceramic or sticky tiles according to their edges and structures takes more effort.

Slight mishandling can disturb the dimensions, and you can see empty spaces on the sides, giving a bad appearance to the overall interiors.

Moreover, cutting tiles according to size and installing fixtures takes more time and effort than removing the fixtures.

The removal of bowls and their detachment takes less time and effort of people.

What type of floor does not need the removal of the toilet?

Many people add sticky and peel tiles to their bathroom floorings because of their easy installation. In addition, it gives a good finish to the interior because it resembles wooden floors.

These are present in most interiors because of their waterproofing properties, and they are cost-effective. Everyone can afford them because these come under less price tag.

Many people cut them precisely and do not add them under the toilets. Moreover, these do not cover the wax rings seals, and you can take them out easily.

You do not need to remove the toilets to take off the old ones and install new ones there. Instead, I use the shim to slightly higher these fixtures from the ground so you can pull them off quickly.

How do you remove the toilet when removing the bathroom floor?

Cut off the water supply of these fixtures to prevent water spillage on floors. Use the wet or dry vacuum to remove excess water from the traps.

Press the handle of the tank and flush the water present in it. Keep pressing the handle until the cisterns become empty and there is no water.

Loose bolts of the cistern, carefully remove them and put them on the side. The wax ring seals are on the bottom of the side to connect the toilet bowl flange with them. These seals act as screws to keep them in their place.

Removing this seal to detach this fixture from the floor is necessary. These seals are connected to the ground surface and serve as the attachment point.

The primary purpose of the seal is to connect the flange with draining pipes and avoid water seeping onto the floor. The broken seals cannot hold the bowl; you can simply put them aside.

Jiggle or move the side of the toilet to side to break the wax seal rings. You can feel loose fitting when these seals break.

It is necessary to put a thick cloth or old towel on the ground surface to prevent cracks in porcelain and ceramic materials.

Do flooring companies remove toilets for the removal of bathroom floors?

Many people do not replace the floors of their bathrooms because of their insufficient knowledge and busy routine. However, you can hire a plumber for this procedure and save time and effort.

Various companies in America send their representatives to the exact location for the repair process.

These companies always work for the ease and comfort of people. Therefore, the main motive of these companies is to give quality work and satisfy their customers by gaining their trust.

These flooring companies always remove all of the fixtures of your bathrooms while doing the replacement procedure. In addition, the plumbers are experts and have complete knowledge about their detachment and safe storage.

They require less time for this process because of their experience.

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