Can You Put Fabuloso in Toilet Tank?

Fabuloso is an effective cleaning solution to remove the tough stains from hard surfaces, but a few people have started using it to remove stains from the toilet tank’s inner surface.

Can You Put Fabuloso in Toilet Tank? You should not use Fabuloso in a toilet tank due to its concentrated formulation, which can cause corrosion, weaker flushing, damage to rubber parts, and leakage.

Fabuloso toilet hack has caught the attention of many people in America and other regions. According to this hack, adding a cleaning solution to the toilet tank can keep it clean without any effort.

Why you should not Fabuloso in the toilet tank?

Fabuloso can damage the parts of the toilet, as it is not suitable for cleaning plastic material according to usage instructions.

Concentrated formulation

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaning product commonly used to remove debris from hard surfaces. In addition, it contains colorants and fragrances to refresh the bathroom.

It is not possible for water alone to flush out greasy stains, so this product can help you deal with tough stains. In addition, this concentrated formula has neutral pH that can be used to clean surfaces.

In addition, it contains sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, sodium laureth sulfate, fragrances, sodium chloride, and citric acid that are dissolved in water to make a concentrated solution.

It is suitable to use on a variety of hard surfaces due to its neutral nature, but the concentrated formulation can pose a risk of damage to the plastic material of the tank.

Weaker flushing

You have to face a problem of weaker flushing after adding Fabuloso in the tank because this concentrated cleaning solution gets mixed with water and occupies more space.

It will take up significant space in the tank and replace water, directly impacting flushing. In addition, the power of the flush gets reduced when this concentrated material gets stuck on the sides.

Moreover, one bottle of this cleaning product contains an almost 0.4-gallon solution that can displace nearly 0.4 gallons of water out of the tank’s total capacity, which is nearly 1.6 gallons.

It means only 1.2 gallons of water can be filled inside the tank, which results in decreased pressure of water coming inside the bowl and interferes with proper cleaning.

Less powerful flushing means more water loss for removing the debris stains underneath the bowl’s rim. Accordingly, you have to clean it more than usual, which leads to more water usage.

Risk of leakage

The presence of powerful chemicals in the toilet tank can cause long-term damage as it affects the rubber material of seals and gaskets and causes their degradation.

It can cause leakage by affecting the quality of the construction material of the tank, but it does not happen overnight. However, you can see significant damage to the material after continuous use.

So, you can prevent damage to the inner material of the tank by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, as this damage usually leads to leakage.

Risk of corrosion

It is made of powerful chemicals that can affect the material of the tank, and sealing materials like gaskets and seals can get damaged over time.

In addition, inner materials like flush valves, fill valves, and flappers are prone to corrosion due to long-term exposure to harsh chemicals.

Other internal connections and trip levers can also become rusty that need repairs in the long run. So, using mild and natural substances to reduce grease and debris is better.

A solution of vinegar and baking soda is a suitable alternative to this harsh cleaner that can be used occasionally to remove the tough stains and clean the internal surface of the tank.

Not cost-effective

A bottle of Fabuloso can cost you between $7 and $90, depending on the size of the bottle. However, you can get a smaller package for $7 to $9, having 30 to 50 fluid ounces of solution.

It means you have to spend around $7 weekly to place a new bottle in the tank when the older one gets emptied.

Accordingly, it can help you save on cleaning efforts, but you have to spend a lot of money, which does not sound good. So, it is better to consider other cheaper home ingredients like vinegar.

More effort into replacement

You have to make more effort in replacing the damaged inner parts than cleaning a tank. You do not have to clean it regularly; it needs cleaning 2 to 3 times a year.

They do not get dirty frequently as grime and debris build up over a long time and cause corrosion if you do not pay attention to the tank for more than 3 to 5 months.

Accordingly, it is pretty challenging to find replacement parts for corroded components and replace them by removing the older parts. So, it is better to avoid pouring Fabuloso into the tank.

This multipurpose cleaning product does not cause significant problems in the short term, but its repeated use can result in lagging performance in the long run.

Not recommended for toilet tank

You can read the instructions for using the product as the label contains all the information. It is a suitable product for cleaning the bathroom floor, sinks, sealed wooden surfaces, and toilet bowl.

However, there is no such instruction about its safe use on the toilet tank. Accordingly, you have to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to benefit from the product.

It can be used to clean hard surfaces, like walls and floors, to remove stains and spills, and make them smell good.

How do you use Fabuloso in the toilet tank?

You can use a Fabuloso to clean the toilet tank, but it is better to avoid frequent use because it is suitable to clean the bowl only in the toilet setup.

It is a popular hack that got viral from a video on a social media platform when a woman puts a Fabuloso bottle in the tank. Many people followed the same method and made a fine hole in it.

Do not remove the cap and pour the solution because it gets released slowly from the hole on the bottom and adds a refreshing scent to the tank water.

You have to put a bottle in the corner and close the lid. You can see a light tinge of solution in the water showing the solution is getting mixed.

So, it is easy to benefit from this multi-purpose cleaner, but the side effects outweigh its benefits and cause damage in the long term.

How long does Fabuloso last in the toilet tank?

The time a Fabuloso bottle takes to get completely emptied depends on the size of the hole made on the lower end. It keeps refreshing water with a pleasant scent of lemon and lavender for days.

On average, it takes almost 7 to 10 days for a bottle to release all of its solution from the packaging. After that, you have to replace it with a new package when the stuff ends.

Additionally, it depends on the flushing frequency and size of the bottle, as bigger packaging can last for a prolonged, but excessive flushing leads to quick consumption.

You have to buy to get a new bottle for the tank almost every week, which is not considered an ideal solution as it increases the overall cost of cleaning and maintenance.

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