Can you put engineered hardwood flooring in a bathroom?

Engineered hardwood flooring is a luxurious idea for the renovation of your bathrooms. It is a fantastic option for people who love wood flooring.

Can you put engineered hardwood flooring in a bathroom? You can put engineered hardwood flooring in a bathroom because it is moisture resistant, durable, and increases the resale value. In addition, it is cost-effective, improves hygiene, appealing appearance, and is easy to install.

It can resist humidity and moisture, which is a must for a wooden floor. Therefore, it is a preferred choice for traditional and basic wood floor lovers.

Why would you use engineered hardwood flooring in your bathroom?

People prefer engineered hardwood flooring nowadays for new buildings and in the renovation of their bathrooms.

Moisture repellent

Engineered hardwood has a multi-layer effect with high-quality material. It has a veneer layer, a core, and a bottom layer.

A core can have many layers, such as from 6- 13, which gives it a strong and hard effect to any damage. The veneer thickness varies from 4-12 mm depending on the material quality you used.

Since it has many layers in its formation, it can repel moisture and humidity. It is the place where moisture and humidity are always present. 

It can act as a resistance to humid and moist environments. Most of it has an aluminum oxide polyurethane coating, making it water or moisture-resistant. It is the best option for high-level humidity control and water repellent.

It needs special care to avoid standing water on your hardwood floor. The gaps between your planks can absorb water and moisture.

After taking a bath or using your vanity, you are advised to wipe the floor correctly to avoid any damage.

Durable and more stable

Due to the multi-layer effect, it is more stable and has long durability. In addition, this flooring uses high-quality material in its manufacturing, making it a good option for your bathrooms.

If you drop heavy objects on your floor, they can endure without serious damage.

Engineering hardwood flooring has a long lifetime. It is durable for approximately 15-45 years, much more durable than solid wood or vinyl flooring.

It is better to check the piping and plumbing system to avoid any water leakage. 

This will surely affect the durability of the floor. No doubt, it has a long lifespan, but still, it requires great attention to make it work for a long time.

Increase in resale value

Everyone wants to have excellent and up-to-date things in their house. This type of flooring in bathrooms has now become a high-class trend in today’s world. When you invest in the flooring of your house, it will add worth to your property.

Once you have decided to make engineering hardwood flooring, it will increase the value of your house at the time of selling. In addition, it can give your place a clean and pleasant look.

It can increase your investment when you are spending money on the floors because it is the most used place in any house.

Cost effective

It is more pocket friendly than other solid woods from its formation to the labor. Since it has good durability and stability, you do not need to spend it again and again on your bathroom floors.

People are attracted to things that are less expensive and have a long lifetime. For example, you need to spend only once on your engineered hardwood floor, which will be enough for 20-40 years of your life.

You can select an engineered hardwood in the range of $3-$8, depending on your pocket and the quality of the material.

Improve hygiene

This place gets messy when you have kids in your house, so it needs special hygiene and sanitation to prevent diseases.

It provides good hygiene to your bathrooms, and it will not confine any unwelcoming debris, dust, or dirt particles.

But it needs to clean instantly when you encounter any water standing on it, especially at the corners and around the bathtub. Check your joint piping and clean the vanity after use.

You can use a mop or any soft broom to clean the surface. It provides hygiene from bacteria and parasites when you clean them daily.

It is easy to clean it. However, avoid using a wet mop on your floor as its daily use can cause cupping and twisting of hardwood.

Appealing appearance

There are many varieties and designs of engineered hardwood. You can use any design and color to match your house and walls.

You can find dark, bright, light, and many more colors in it to give an appealing and lavish look.

It looks like real wood and enhances its aesthetic appearance. It comes in a variety of styles, textures, and decor themes.

You can give this place a sophisticated and appealing look using it. You can select any design and shape which look attractive.

Easy to install

It is easy to install these floorings in your bathrooms. They have a click system or tongue and groove system.

You can save money if you are using a click system for installation, as you can take your hardwood with you when you decide to shift to a new house.

Things to consider when adding engineered hardwood flooring

It is necessary to wipe spills and splashes from the hardwood floor because they can absorb moisture and become twisted. You can put mates and rags on it to dry it.

Make sure that all your pipes are secured to avoid leakage. You can turn your exhaust fans on to remove the moisture. Open the windows after taking a bath to allow air circulation.

Select a good quality veneer material to avoid cracks and cupping. Sweep the floor daily to maintain dirt and dust away and maintain its shine. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner, not a rotating bristle bar one.

What are the disadvantages of engineered hardwood flooring in the bathroom?

These hardwood floors are difficult to repair if damaged because you have to change the entire flooring.

It is difficult to refinish, and some can not be refinished. You can only refinish it when the veneer is thick and can stand sanding.

Its durability of it is affected when the manufacturers select low-quality materials. It will warp and get twisted if water is standing for a long time on it. You need to be extra careful when you have kids in your house.

When your bathroom floor is exposed to sunlight, it will cause the color of the wood to fade.

It can be susceptible to marks and scratches. Humidity and moisture can affect it badly and can cause cupping.

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