Can You Put Carpet in the Bathroom?

Adding carpets in the bathrooms was a famous trend in the 60s and 70s because they gave a vibe of a luxurious and expensive-looking place. New trends in home design used to spread like wildfire those days, and everyone started following them without giving proper thought and research.

Can You Put Carpet in the Bathroom? You can put carpet in the bathroom because it gives a stylish look, is odor free, and provides comfort and softness. However, there is a risk of molds & bacteria, and floor damage, and it can be harmful to health.

Adding carpet is a trend that is not fully appreciated by many people, so it makes the answer yes and no. 

It concludes that it is your personal preference and your willingness to take care of it.

What are the pros of putting carpet in a bathroom?

There are different opinions about adding carpet in a bathroom because it has both pros and cons. Therefore, you should know its advantages and disadvantages.

Adds Style

The carpets are famous for adding style to the bathroom and complimenting the other fixtures and items in the washroom.

Moreover, you can only add it to give your bathing area a luxurious and glam look.

However, it depends on you and your maintenance talent how well you keep them and maintain the freshness of the place.

In addition, it will add colors and some texture to the dull and boring-looking washroom.

The style and aesthetics add so much value to the place, affecting our moods instantly.


There are carpets made only for bathrooms, and they are odor resistant. However, you can experience weird smells if you use a simple type of carpet that cannot withstand this environment.

Therefore, you should use one which is suitable for outdoors because outdoor items are made for rough environments, and they can survive for a longer period.

It can bear the moisture and humid environment of the bathroom as well. The moisture and dust can settle in it, cause a weird smell and make it hard for you to breathe.

However, you should ignore the care and maintenance of the carpets. It is essential that you keep a check from time to time. 

You will not have to experience the weird smell due to moisture and dust building in it. However, you can have a nasty smell if you put one, which is not suitable for an area like this.

Comfort & softness

People prefer to put on carpets because it can prevent them from slipping on the floor and getting injured from it in the bathroom.

Moreover, they can be comfy and soft to the touch when you are scared of walking on the cold floors of the washroom. 

You can feel chills when you step out of the bathtub after taking a hot bath and put your feet on the cold floor afterward.

However, sudden temperature changes can be harmful to your body. It is the reason why people prefer to put wall-to-wall carpeting on the floor.

Furthermore, the warm and cozy fabric can instantly lift your mood. 

What are the cons of putting carpet in a bathroom?

However, the pros can be more than the cons, but you should not ignore the weightage the cons can contain, and they can outweigh the pros.

Molds and bacteria

They can retain moisture which can attract the growth of molds and bacteria. As a result, many types of bacteria can grow on it, and you can have breathing problems.

In addition, mold does not take much time to destroy and damage the surface they grow on. Therefore, it will be damaged long before you finally decide to give a thorough check.

Moreover, mold and mildew can damage the walls because carpets are installed wall to wall.

Furthermore, they are hard to clean because you cannot just take them off the floor and throw them in the washing machine.

They are attached to the floor and walls of the floor, so it is not easy to take care of their cleanliness.

Floor damage

The moisture will pass through the carpet to the floor, and it can absorb the water. Moreover, it can be hazardous if the floor is made of wood.

You should consider this factor before putting them on the floor. Furthermore, the air will not be able to cross through it, and the floor will not have any air for drying.

The floor layers will become weak, and the risk of damage will increase. In addition, it can look ugly if this happens on the bathroom floor of the upper story.

The ceiling of the lower story will face the consequences of the moisture trapped in the carpet. Furthermore, the leakage problems can be a nightmare if the floor is covered with them. 

Harmful for health

They can be harmful to health because of bacteria and mold. In addition, it is disgusting and unhygienic to have contact with them through your skin.

Moreover, you are inhaling in the same environment where they are growing. Therefore, people with weak immunity should avoid using them in the bathroom altogether.

It can worsen their condition if they go and spend time in the washroom and inhale there.

Furthermore, the risk of infection can rise if your skin is sensitive to germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is wise to use carpets that are specific for the areas like washrooms.

How to care for and maintain the carpets in the bathroom?

Well, everything comes with some instructions and tips for care and maintenance. No matter how expensive or high-quality an item is, it needs proper care to survive for a long.

You should use one with less thickness so that it can dry quickly. Always turn on the exhaust fans so that they can get rid of the moisture in them.

In addition, do not give a chance for the moisture to stay there for longer and grow molds and bacteria.

Instead, use a vacuum and dryer to remove dust particles and moisture from it. Moreover, choose something which is water and moisture-resistant because they will not be affected.

Use a good adhesive if you have decided to put carpet wall to wall.

What other alternatives can you have for carpets for your bathroom?

You can use area rugs and mats to prevent yourself from cold floors and tiles if this is your only concern and you want to put them for this purpose.

The area rugs can serve you well in this aspect, and they are easy to wash because you can pick them up from the floor and throw them in a washing machine.

Moreover, you can use plastic matt outside the bathtub, so you can stand there and warm your feet. 

However, you can put rugs over the pre-installed carpet if you live in a rented place and cannot remove them from the floor.

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