Can You Put a Dehumidifier in the Bathroom?

A dehumidifier is an air conditioning electric appliance that extracts moist air from the bathroom and gives it back to you as filtered and purified air.

Can You Put a Dehumidifier in the Bathroom? You can put a dehumidifier in a bathroom to remove moisture, prevent molds, and reduce the smell. Furthermore, it works well in ventilated places and reduces humidity.

People who live in humid areas keep it in their bathrooms as an essential item because it increases comfort and creates a healthy environment to breathe and live in.

Why would you put a dehumidifier in a bathroom?

A dehumidifier sucks the moist and dirty air and makes your place dry and dust-free area.

In addition, it prevents the walls, paint, and wallpaper from damage by removing humidity and moisture from the washroom.

To remove the moisture

In the whole house, bathrooms and kitchens are two places in which the use of water is more as compared to the rest of the home.

Sometimes, toilets are used frequently, and they do not get time to stay dry and clean.

Moreover, one washroom is shared by many, and everyone has different habits when they are using it. For example, some do not bother to wipe and dry the floor and walls when they use them.

In addition, kids love to play with water and spread and waste it everywhere. They are not trained and taught about cleaning the floors after using the restroom.

However, the moisture can go deep into the walls and floors if not taken care of sooner. As a result, it can damage them from within and weaken the structures of the walls and floors.

It is your sign to use a dehumidifier, even if an exhaust fan is there. Both will speed up the room drying process and remove water from the bathroom.

Furthermore, it is essential when you do not have a source of ventilation.

Prevention from molds

The moisture can build up in those washrooms, which are covered from all sides and do not have a window or a tiny window.

Moreover, a tiny window will not be enough to dry up the whole area when there is so much standing water and its splashes all over the walls.

It is essential that you take care of your walls and floors and try to keep them safe from building molds and mildew.

However, mold and fungus can spread and damage the interior of the bathroom. You can see the white and black spots in the corners and enclosed spaces of the washroom where the wiper cannot reach.

The dehumidifier is essential for those spots where you cannot use a wiper and take out the water from there. Many people ignore thinking that this is a small amount of water.

Furthermore, that little standing water can cause large spots of mold and fungus.

Reduce the smell

The bathrooms can be pretty smelly, and they can become difficult to bear if you do not do something about them.

In addition, it is a place that most people share and use, so it should be clean and smell fresh all the time. Most people are conscious of hygiene and the environment around them.

However, you should not disappoint such people if they come as a guest to your house. 

It sets a good impression in their minds that you are a responsible and sensible host who takes care of their guest and practice good hygiene.

Furthermore, the smell does not go even when you spray room fresheners, and sometimes it gets even worse when two different kinds of smell combine.

You are responsible for thinking of a permanent solution to get rid of the smell fast and forever.

So make it a habit to turn on the dehumidifier when entering the washroom to use the toilet and turn it off after bathing.

Works well with ventilation

It works even well if a bathroom has an adequate ventilation system or fans because the air that comes in will be filtered, giving it back to you better air to breathe.

In addition, it can turn the cold air into warm if you need to dry your wet clothes.

Moreover, you can use it for multi-purposes and benefit from it if you have a small bathroom and you are putting your wet clothes in the washroom to dry.

Most people have a habit of washing their clothes when they go to take a shower and save time. You can hang your clothes in front of the dehumidifier, which will help in quick drying.

Toilets with a proper ventilation system will provide the air from the outside for the dehumidifier to suck the moist and humid air. It can also suck up the dirt and dust from the air and gives fresh air to breathe.

How does a dehumidifier work in a bathroom?

As you all know by now, it is an electrical appliance that runs on electricity when you plug its switch into the socket.

It works and sucks all the moisture from the air and dries the standing water.

Moreover, it comes in different styles and sizes, and you can choose whatever shape and size suit your bathroom.

There are small devices that you can put on the shelf of your sink, and it comes with a tank that removes the water from the moist air.

Furthermore, you can place one which comes with a filter panel. The filter panel will remove dirt and dust particles from the air.

You can use it even if there is an extractor fan in your bathroom. You can use it for 12 to 16 hours daily.

It needs to be run for this much time because every member of the family uses it. So you will have to go for a repair on a large scale and disturb the whole family for days.

Therefore, be wise and put a dehumidifier in your washroom to save money and time.

You can put it on the shelf of the sink or in a corner where the splashes of water will not reach.

However, it can be dangerous if you put it near the premise’s water because the chances of electrocution can increase. 

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