Can You Paint Bathroom Light Fixtures?

People add light fixtures in the bathroom to add bulbs. These are available in different designs and sizes, and you can select them according to your requirements.

Can You Paint Bathroom Light Fixtures? You can spray-paint a bathroom light fixture without removing it by turning off the power supply, removing fixtures from the walls, and covering the surroundings with tape or cloth. Sand the surface, clean it, and then coat it with the paint. It will stop corrosion, gives a customized appearance, and inhibits the chipping and flaking of paint.

Many people install this in their bathroom for a stylish and modern appearance. Some of them cover the bulb and protect them from water splashes.

Why would you paint bathroom light fixtures?

Painting the bathroom fixtures is easy; you can do it in your home without calling an expert or spending a minimum cost. Select the bottle of spray paints according to your required color.

Inhibit corrosion

Most of the light fixtures are made of metal material that can corrode quickly due to the scrapping of the previous paint layer.

The scrapping issue comes due to their installation near moist areas. These can rust when you place them near showers and bathtubs.

You can give them a new look and inhibit the corrosion on these items by recoating their surface. Recoating can cover the metal layer and stop the oxidation procedure.

Moreover, chrome-plated metal surfaces can dent and scratch easily, which results in exposure to metal layers.

Customized appearance

People often want to give a customized appearance to the bathrooms according to their selected theme and design.

Most of the time, the selected colors are unavailable in the market because of their uniqueness. However, you can paint the light fixtures according to your suitable color if you want to give a customized appearance.

You can also do this to match their color with other accessories present in the toilets. People do not find the matching or same color in the market, so you can purchase with different colors and coat their surface.

These are primarily available in limited colors like dark brown, black, and golden.

Chipping and flaking

The chipping and flaking of paints are common in wooden and metal light fixtures. It is necessary to resolve the problem because it can make the surface rusty and give a bad appearance.

The issue comes when these are in exposure to UV rays. The UV rays come on them when these are present on the side of windows, and sunlight comes through them directly.

You can also face this when you do not keep them clean and remove the dust and rust from their surfaces.

In addition, the peeling occurs due to excess moisture in bathrooms. You can repaint their surface to give it a glossy and new appearance.


People can get bored while seeing the same things in their homes for longer. In addition, light fixtures in bathroom are costly, and you cannot replace or repurchase them frequently.

You often want to upgrade them to give them a new look and add attractive color, but it is not a budget-friendly and affordable option for you.

You can upgrade these items and give them a new and glossy look by repainting them. In addition, you can select your favorite and desirable color from the market for coating.

It is a less costly procedure than purchasing the new ones for upgradation. The varnishing cost depends on the size and design of these products.

What type of paint can you use for bathroom light fixtures?

You can use a brush or sprayed containers to coat various bathroom fixtures.

Spray paint is the best option for using it on light fixtures because of its edges and textured surfaces. These can easily cover the round edges and corners without leaving a smaller space uncoated.

The brush types cannot cover the deep groves and edges in various designs. Moreover, brush types create more mess in the surroundings, and you can see their droplets that are hard to remove from walls and floors.

Furthermore, you can also see brush marks on their surfaces. However, the nozzle spray can easily enter the nooks and crannies without leaving brush marks.

You can give a smooth and matte appearance while using these sprays.

How to paint a bathroom light fixture without taking it down?

Spray paints are preferable for light fixtures because these are cheaper. Therefore, you can upgrade the interior at spending minimum cost.

Turn off power

It is necessary to turn off the power supply from the circuit breaker and main switch of your home to prevent yourself from electric shocks.

You can do the procedure without detaching them from the walls. The detachment also depends on their mounted location and designs.

You have to take out the light bulbs the after turning off the power supply. Keep the bulbs in a safe place so they cannot get damaged.

Detach the fixtures from the walls by unscrewing the mounting nuts using screwdrivers. You do not need to unscrew them if they are present away from the showers and bathtubs.

Cover the surroundings

It is necessary to cover the surroundings in both methods so you cannot damage the floor and walls from the irregular paint spots.

Place the fixtures on the old cloth when detaching them from the wall. It is also necessary to cover the floor, surrounding items, and walls with painter’s tape.

These tapes cover the surroundings and prevent them from the splashes. You can also use the old cloth to cover the walls when you do not unscrew these items.

Cover the socket or any of the attached wirings of the fixtures to prevent small colored droplets.

Surface cleaning and paint application

Surface cleaning is essential to increase the adhesiveness and longevity of the coat. These can peel off when you do not prepare the surface properly.

Remove the dust, dirt, and corrosion from their surface using a damp cloth. It is necessary to sand the surface because some spray paint does not contain primer for better sticking.

You do not need sanding if the varnishes are added with primers. Open the container and keep the nozzle at some distance from the fixtures.

Maintain the distance throughout the surface and keep pushing the nozzle the whole time. You can see patches if you keep the nozzle away from the surface and then repeat the procedure.

How often to paint a bathroom light fixture?

You should paint the bathroom light fixture after 2 to 3 months to maintain its glossy appearance.

You need to apply the clear coat frequently if these are chrome plated because of dents and easy scratching of their surfaces.

The metal types can also rust easily, and you have to repaint their surface to remove rust.

Moreover, you have to apply varnish early if these are present near the widows because dust and moisture from outside can easily ruin them.

Use high-quality light fixtures coated with thick chrome or brass layer that are hard to peel off and scratch.

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