Bathroom Exhaust Fan Not Removing Steam

Exhaust fans are an essential part of the bathroom as they help you maintain a cleaner atmosphere.

Your bathroom exhaust fan is not removing steam because of the accumulation of dirt, short running time, small airtight bathroom, and wiring problems. Furthermore, you can face this problem due to a narrow duct or a ductless fan.

It is essential that you install one in your place so that you can have a steam-free area. In addition, look out for the following reasons if your exhaust fan is not working correctly.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Problems Solution
Dirty exhaust fan Clean it regularly
Short running time Run it for at least 35 minutes
Small airtight bathroom Create a gap under door or install a window
Wiring problem Replace the motor or switch
Narrow duct Get a small wide duct without turns
Ductless fan Get an exhaust fan with duct

Dirty exhaust fan

Bathroom exhaust fans are efficient in removing airborne contamination and dirt particles. However, its prominent feature is pulling out the air from the inside.

Moreover, they provide a better atmosphere at home and make you breathe in a contamination-free environment. 

It benefits your health as you will have less contaminated air around you.

However, all the dirt and dust can make their way inside the fan and stay there if you do not clean it. 

The dirt can accumulate in the blades and vents of the fan, which can make it work less effectively.

Furthermore, the accumulated dirt can be more harmful if it is not removed because it can come back into your house and make its way inside your body.

In addition, the dust will spread inside whenever you turn it on, and it can fall back inside the bathroom.

It is essential that you keep it clean and make a regular habit of cleaning it from the inside so that you can have a perfect working exhaust fan that can pull the air out.

Short running time

The steam can be challenging to remove when you are taking a hot shower. 

It covers everything around you and makes it difficult for you to have a better look.

Moreover, the moisture makes the mirror foggy, and you will have to clean it with your hand so you can look at yourself in the mirror properly.

Furthermore, it is bad etiquette to leave the bathroom full of steam for the next person who needs to use the restroom.

Sometimes, it can happen that you do not give the exhaust fan a proper running time for it to work. Therefore, it is recommended that you should let it run for at least 25-35 minutes.

In addition, the given duration of time is enough to make it clean and steam-free. You have to let it run for some time.

Moreover, tell others not to turn it off if you share it with your family or flatmates.

Most people think it consumes energy and electricity if they let it run for more than ten minutes. However, that is not the case because it does not consume electricity and will not affect your electricity bill.

It is essential to let it run for the required time because the moisture can cause the molds to build up due to steam.

Small airtight bathroom

The room with the exhaust fan should have a better ventilation system. For example, it cannot work correctly in small airtight bathrooms because the air needs to come inside from some other source if it pulls the air out.

In addition, it will have to put extra pressure to suck air from every possible small opening in the room. 

It needs replacement air to warm up the duct inside the fan, which will help to remove the moisture and steam more efficiently.

However, it is essential that you have a small opening or window to have proper ventilation and a crossing of the air.

It cannot work in a place where there is no air coming inside it. There must be a small gap between the door and the floor if you do not have a small window.

Moreover, the builders neglect this essential thing, and they do not trim the door when they are done with the tiles of the floor.

You can get that gap beneath the door with the help of a jigsaw and cut it 1-2 inches. This is enough gap for the air to come inside the bathroom.

In addition, this gap will help it work efficiently without having to exert extra pressure to suck the air. 

Wiring problem

The wiring inside the bathroom exhaust fan can be faulty and the main reason behind its non-functionality. 

The switch of the fan is present inside it, which gets the electricity from the main supply.

However, check if its motor is running correctly and receiving power from the power supply. Sometimes, it happens that the motor is working, but its blades are not running.

You can check with the multimeter to check if the motor is receiving power. The faulty wiring can be the culprit behind this and the reason why your fan is not removing steam.

The switch is not receiving power, and its electricity continuity is affected.

You can use a multimeter to check that it’s receiving the current. You need to replace the switch with the new one in case the switch is faulty.

It is better to change the motor if it is not receiving power due to a wiring problem.

Narrow duct

The narrow duct with several coiled turns can be the reason why it is not removing the steam.

However, the small duct with narrow space can increase the static pressure, and it will be hard to fix this issue.

In addition, the fan with a narrow duct will have to work extra hard and put pressure on its motor, and it can go bad if it continues to do so.

Furthermore, you can test it with the tissue and get to know if your fan is sucking in the air properly.

Take a piece of the tissue and place it over the plastic grille and see if it stays there or falls when you leave it.

Moreover, the duct should be small and straight or direct because a long narrow duct will be an issue in working on it.

Furthermore, you will have to let it run for more than 35 minutes to fix this issue.

Ductless fan

There is a high possibility that your exhaust fan does not have a duct.

The duct-free device has an active carbon filter, as you can see by removing the plastic grill. The presence of the filter is enough to tell you that it is ductless.

However, installing a duct to a ductless fan can be challenging, and it will be expensive.  

It is better to install a new one with the duct.