Are Lyons Bathtubs Any Good?

Lyons is the bathtub and shower manufacturing company in America. They offer their products to wholesalers and large retailers in America and other countries.

Are Lyons Bathtubs Any Good? Lyons bathtubs are good because of their depth, molded armrest, lumbar support, and wall-mounted faucets. In addition, these have a slip-resistant bottom surface, acrylic finish, and built-in large flange to prevent clogging of drains.

People like the products of Lyons manufacturing company because these are made of good quality, durable material that saves money.

Why are Lyons bathtubs good?

Lyons bathtubs are of good quality, and you can find them in the market at affordable prices. These last longer when you maintain and handle them properly.

Molded armrest

Lyons manufactures bathtubs with greater width, which is beneficial for people. You can easily soak your feet and body in them and feel relaxed.

In addition, these have less length and more width, which takes less space for their installation. These are easy to install, and you can adjust them at home.

The shallow and submerged style of tubs gives a therapeutic effect to people. These are not suitable for small kids because of their lower height.

You can feel relaxed and calm sitting in them because your body is fully submerged in warm water during winter. Moreover, these have molded armrests on their side boundaries to make people comfortable.

Some fixtures contain a sharp end on their side walls which can hurt you when you put your arms on the side. These can also make you feel uncomfortable because of the sharp edges of the sidewalls.

I also have this tub in my home, which is extremely comfortable. You can relax your arms on their molded boundaries which cannot hurt you. The molded material is soft, and it does not make marks on your skin.

Acrylic finish

These are finished with acrylic material to increase their durability and protect their surface from damage. In addition, these also contain the glazing coat for their smooth, shiny, and appealing appearance.

The soft and malleable acrylic finish makes these available in various sizes and styles. The acrylic material makes them lightweight relative to tiles, making them easy to install.

Acrylic is non-porous and gives them a smooth and clear surface. It retains heat and is beneficial during cold weather to make people comfortable.

It remains warm for a longer time when you fill them with warm during cold weather. These retain heat and do not become cold like tiles.

These are easy to clean and are less vulnerable to cracking and chipping. These last longer because exposure to heavy impacts cannot cause creaking of their surfaces.

Moreover, the cracks are easy to repair if it comes in acrylic material. You can treat the surface with an acrylic bathtub crack repair kit.

It is a soft material that is sensitive to harsh cleaners and avoids using harsh chemicals for their cleaning. Harsh chemicals produce scratches and stains on their surface, making them look old.

I do not ever use any harsh chemicals containing bleaching agents for their cleaning because it can ruin the acrylic finish of my bathtub.

Lumbar support

These bathtubs are spacious to make their customers feel comfortable and relaxed. These also contain curved ends known as lumbar support for a relaxed sitting position.

You cannot feel tired while sitting in them for a long time. The cured end or lumbar support helps make the correct sitting position. It supports your back, and you cannot feel any back pain when you get out from them.

You can spend hours sitting in them and reading books or watching series because of the comfortable position. It is good for older people because they require support for a comfortable and correct sitting position.

It reduces the stress on your muscle and spine by maintaining the correct sitting angle.

Wall mounted faucet

The Lyons Bathtubs come with other accessories to reduce the effort of their customers. It reduces your effort to find compatible parts from the market and invests additional costs.

You can also find high-quality wall-mounted faucets with them. These faucets are highly compatible and match correctly with these fixtures.

You can mount these faucets on the walls to fill tubs with water. It is necessary to install the tub close to the walls from one side so you can adjust the faucet on the wall.

You can also select the faucet of other designs according to your choice and for decoration. Wall-mounted type faucets are the best choice for free-standing fixtures.

Slip-resistant bottom

Slipperiness in bathtubs is common because of their smooth and glossy finish. In addition, you can face slipping due to poor cleaning practices.

Slipping issues increase when bacteria and mold reside on the bottom surface, making them smooth and slippery.

Slipping is dangerous because it increases the risk of fall accidents and serious injury. It poses a high safety risk to elderlies and children because they need extra support and have less strength.

The bottom surface of Lyons bathtubs is coated with an anti-slip finish. The anti-slip finish makes them slip resistance and safe for older people.

It contains a textured surface which provides more grip and increases friction between your feet and the bottom surface of tubs. You do not have to spend extra costs to install rubber mats to reduce the risk of fall accidents.

Built-in flange

The bathtub flange is the finished drain part and is connected to drain pipes to remove water. These have a built-in flange, and you do not have to install them after purchasing them.

It saves your plumbing cost that is required for the installation of the drain flange. It is also known as the drain body and basket and is on the side of tubs.

These have different finishes and designs depending on the model of the tubs. These are larger to reduce the risk of clogging and for easy removal of large particles.

Sometimes people prefer shaving while sitting in them, increasing the risk of clogging drains. The large built-in flange quickly removes small or larger hairs into the drain pipes and reduces blocking chances.

Where are Lyons bathtubs manufactured?

Lyons Industries Inc. manufactures Lyons products, including bathtubs and showers. It is a family-owned company that has worked for over 50 years.

Lance Lyons is the president of the industry, and his father and grandfather started the business in 19’s. They started the business in Dowagiac, Michigan.

The company first produced plumbing vents for local industries. Father of Lance Lyons expanded the business after a few years and started manufacturing bathroom wall surrounds.

Now, it is the well, known industry in America and also produces other larger items, including bathtubs and showers.

It is famous because of the high number of satisfied customers worldwide. It is located in Michigan and uses American-based materials for manufacturing its products.

Michigan is the upper Midwestern region of the United States and is common because of its lakes. They hire hard-working and experienced employees for their industries.

Are Lyons bathtubs expensive? 

Lyons bathtubs are not expensive, and you can find them at affordable prices. You can purchase them from physical stores and online outlets.

The average price of these fixtures is $300 to $1000 in the market, depending on their brand, quality, and other features.

You can find these tubs in the market for $300 to $500, which is affordable for everyone. The price may vary because of the size and features of these fixtures.

In addition, the price also increases and decrease when you place online order because of shipment or transportation cost.

I also prefer to select them for my bathroom because they are affordable. You can select them for your bathrooms according to size, style, material, and color.

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