American Standard Titan Toilet Problems And Their Solutions

American Standard Titan toilets are highly efficient, and their primary purpose is to prevent clogs. In addition, their flushing mechanisms and water pressure are more efficient than standard toilets.

American Standard Titan Toilet problems include watermarks after flushing, unsuitable for small bathrooms, absence of wax rings or toilet seats, and not WaterSense certified. Moreover, these are difficult to clean and install, have flushing issues, bowl-to-tank leakages, and water seeping on the floor.

These toilets have minor issues with their components, but people still prefer to add them to their homes because of their high tendency to flush the solid waste from the bowl in a single flush.

Problems Solutions
Watermarks after flushing Use borax solution
Not suitable for small bathrooms Prefer them in large bathrooms and public spots
Flushing sound Avoid adding them in shared bathrooms
No wax ring and toilet seats Select wax ring and toilet seats of the right size
Not WaterSense certified Prefer low flush toilets in restricted states
Difficult cleaning and installation Disinfect the area between the tank and the bowl
Flushing issues Unclogging of drains
Bowl-to-tank leakages Replace gaskets and screws
Water leakages Select high-quality accessories

Watermarks after flushing

Many people complain about the watermarks on the surfaces of bowls in these toilets after flushing. The watermarks come on them because of the high pressure to flush the solid waste into the drain pipes and prevent clogging.

These are light marks that become visible over time through waves. Moreover, some of these marks also come because of hard water in the tank.

The hard water evaporates, moves into the drains, and leaves the mineral deposits behind. These hard water marks become prominent when they become old.

These are slightly yellowish to brownish; you can identify the problem from their specific color. The dried minerals also attract dirt and bacteria, leaving slightly yellowing marks on the affected surfaces.

Use the borax solution and swirl it using the toilet brush. Flush the solution after 10 to 15 minutes, and you can see clear bowl surfaces.

Not suitable for small bathrooms

These are larger than the conventional toilets people usually install in their homes. These take up more space on the floors because of their larger size.

You cannot install them in the small areas because it can bound the space and reduce walking area. In addition, it can make the interior congested and less ventilated when you add them in smaller bathrooms.

You cannot add the other fixtures with them while adding them in small interiors. These are preferably used in public places because of their more use and in large buildings.

You can also add them in homes with more family members and large bathrooms for multiple people.

Flushing sound

Many of my friends who use the Titan Toilets in their homes complain about the flushing sounds. They produce a loud noise when you press the handle on the water tanks for flushing.

The sound can disturb the person’s sleep when these are present in shared bathrooms. In addition, it can disturb you at night when your siblings from other rooms flush water after using them.

In addition, these also increase the risk of water waste when you flush them unintentionally because it contains a larger tank and drains more water into the bowl to prevent clogging.

You cannot use any preventive measure to reduce their sounds because it comes from high water pressure. It is better not to install them in the shared bathrooms between two bedrooms so you cannot disturb other people.

No wax ring and toilet seats

The wax rings are the seal-type material on the toilet flange’s lower side to prevent water leaks and odors from entering your restrooms.

The toilet seats with flip covers are also used to protect the bowl and drain pipes from unwanted contaminants and foreign particles that cause clogging.

The American Standard Titan toilets do not with the accessories. So you have to purchase them separately from the market to install these toilets.

Select the wax rings according to their material and installation requirements. Moreover, the size of toilet seats and their material also matters, and you can select them according to the required specifications.

Not WaterSense certified 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s main motive is to protect the environment for the survival of humans. Therefore, they introduce the WaterSense certification for toilets that use less water and save the environment.

The WaterSense certification represents that they can save water by decreasing their use and conserving the resources for the environment.

American standard titan toilets do not come under this certification, and you cannot add them in some states of America, including California and Texas.

It is illegal to add these products because they use more water for powerful and efficient flushing. Check the EPA standards in your states while adding these to your home.

You can use the low-flush toilets in these areas because these use less water.

Difficult cleaning and installation

American standard Tital toilets are difficult to clean because of their congested parts. Dirt and grime accumulate in these regions, and it is challenging to clear these components.

In addition, cleaning issues also come because of a lot of space between the tank and the bowl. Bacterial and fungal species grow in these empty spaces because of the water pool.

Many people also face difficulty installing because of their larger size and heavy weight. In addition, you require more effort during their transportation and movement from one place to another.

Inspect the spaces between the tank and bowl and clear the fungus and bacterial species from these regions using the disinfectant and vinegar sprays.

Flushing issues

These toilets are mainly designed to increase the power of the flushing mechanism and reduce clogging issues. Many people still complain about the poor flushing and clogging in the drain hose.

You can face this due to the low water levels in the tank and blocked inlet hoses that reduce water pressure and quantity during flushing.

Solid waste cannot move into the sewage lines when there is a clog in the drain pipes. People also flush their hair, Q-tips, and other non-dissolvable items, eventually clogging the drains.

Remove the clogs from the drains using commercial detergents and plumbing equipment, and check tank water levels.

Bowl-to-tank leakages

You can also see water leaking between the tank and the bowl. You can face this because of poor installation of tanks, loose screws, and mishandling.

In addition, the problem also comes from the damaged flapper seals, washers, and gaskets that make the tank leakproof and prevent water from dripping on the floor.

Install the tanks properly and ensure their proper connection with the bowl surface. Replace the damaged seals, gaskets, and screws by disconnecting the water supply.

Water leakages

Many people complain about the water leakages in these American Standard Titan toilets, which come from incorrectly installing the wax rings.

The issue often comes when you use wax seals of the wrong size and material, which are incompatible with the toilets.

The cracked tanks lead to water dripping on the floor, making them more slippery. The water comes on the floor and makes them flooded and look bad.

It is better to hire a mechanic for the correct installation of the wax ring so water cannot come out from the lower side.

Moreover, purchase the high quality and right accessories for these toilets that last longer.

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