Why Are Bathrooms Called WC?

Some people get confused between bathrooms and WCs, and they mix these terms. The concept behind WC was the presence of a toilet and a sink in a small area. 

Why Are Bathrooms Called WC? The term WC means “Water Closet.” It became popular in the late 1800s due to its enclosed space with more privacy. Bathrooms contain showers and bathtubs, while WCs do not have these features.

Sometimes you go to shopping malls and see the term WC written outside the toilets.

The latest technology has introduced several types of toilets, including back-to-wall, wall-hung, and close-coupled toilets.

In addition, you notice some public WCs, especially in offices and public places, which also contain only a toilet and a sink. 

When did the term WC originate?

The term originated in the late 1800s and is the abbreviation of the water closet. It is a private space with a toilet and a sink.

The meaning of this word toilet did not match its function, so it sounds outdated.

Its root word is the French word “toilette” which means dressing room. It did not cover the original purpose of using a toilet, and people consider it in the wrong meaning.

Its other meaning was “cloth”; people considered it a wrapping cloth that you wear during your hair grooming.

So, it covered several aspects and activities of grooming and getting ready in the morning. They consider completing a toilet as getting ready for their everyday routine in the morning.

Using a toilet pot was essential in this activity, so the term toilet became popular.

This word lost its original meaning of getting ready in the early twentieth century and shifted to the meaning of using a toilet seat.

The term evolved and became new; that was “Wash-Down-Closet”. People use it excessively, and it is summarized as a water closet.

It became WC in the early 1900s due to the small toilet and cupboard. It is now a small room with a toilet and without a bathing facility. 

Why are some bathrooms called WC?

There are several reasons which made this term popular among the people. You can call some bathrooms WCs because they have similar features.

However, you should know that not all bathrooms are WCs. They also have several differences, which make them separate from one another. 

Enclosed space

Its size is the significant reason for using this term. It is small compared to the standard bathroom because it lacks a bathtub and shower.

It is popular in shopping malls and luxury restaurants where you do not have to spend a longer time.

They do not use large spaces for toilets and use only small cabin-type compartments. On the other hand, you use a large and spacious area to design the bathroom in your house.

It is because it contains all its necessary four components. It does not have storage cabinets due to the enclosed space. The purpose behind this name was that water closets look like original closets with windows and a door. 

Sounds better

The word Toilet lost popularity in the twentieth century because it did not sound suitable. It is an old-fashioned word that does not adjust to the specifications of a bathroom.

People did not like the word “toilet” because they considered it vulgar. They tried to find a new term that covered its specifications.

They found the word “wash the closet” a good one, but it also had to go through the process of evolution.

It converted into a Water closet which they found a long term to speak. It shifted to WC, which is currently in use and becoming more popular daily.

You look cool when you call this term, especially in crowded shopping malls. It is a discreet and modern word that is not lengthy and boring. 

What are the differences between bathrooms and WC?

There are many differences between a standard bathroom that is present in the home and the WC.

Fewer facilities

A standard toilet has all facilities is designed just according to its functions. It contains a proper bathing system, like a large bathtub and shower.

It also has a toilet next to the bathroom to utilize the small area. You notice there is a glass wall between these two portions to separate them from one another.

Shower curtains are significant when you shower because they serve the same purpose. Any other member from your house can use the separate portion, especially on busy mornings.

Family bathrooms also work according to this pattern, where many people can use this place to do different activities.

Sometimes it breaches your privacy which is not acceptable to many people.

On the other hand, WC ensures privacy due to its enclosed space and small compartment. It only has a toilet which only one person can use at a time.

Any other person cannot enter it; thus it does not breach your privacy. You can easily use the toilet without having a fear of someone’s entry into this area. 

Size difference

Hygiene is essential to save from the attack of several germs. You remain healthy when you develop a habit of cleaning your bathroom correctly.

You have seen the staff in the WC of shopping malls and restaurants is alert all the time and is ready to clean the WC. They immediately clean it after every use.

It is easy to clean because there are no extra plumbing materials in this compartment.

You can easily save time because this small place takes less time to clean compared to the toilets in your house.

You notice some related items installed on its walls, like a hand dryer and instructions to follow.

They mention cleaning the flush with a closed lid. The water splashes do not arise and affect the environment. 

Are all WCs called bathrooms?

WCs are like bathrooms in some features but are not the same. For example, some WCs provide bathing facilities like bathtubs and showers but not all WCs have these features.

You can call only those WCs bathrooms which do have these specifications; otherwise, there is no strong relation between these terms.

For example, some people mistakenly call it the powder room, but they are not the same because they have only a sink and a toilet.

You can also call it a half bathroom, but the term bathroom only refers to a full-fledged room with a shower and bathtub.

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